Important Baby Care TipsFor New Mom

For all new moms their basic duty toward their newborn babies is attention and care. You will always busy with clothing, feeding, bathing, tantrums and etc. So, it is very important for all mums that they must know how they can take care of their babies in a proper way. All the new moms and those who are becoming mom must needs to know the baby caring tips.

Here are few baby care tips for all the mothers.

Mother Feeding:

Mother feed is very important for all kids that every mother must have to perform. As, mother milk is full of all essential nutrients required by baby at his/her initial stages which will make them strong and healthy. It will give him/her better resistance, for it mother have to be healthy, she needs to eat nutritional food that will be transmitted to your baby. During this period avoid foods having food colors and additives.

Bottle feeding:

When your baby is on bottle feeding, mothers have to be careful when they are using bottles that they should be sterilized and clean. For sterilizing the bottle, boil it for almost 10 minutes it will kill the entire unwanted organism.


For all new moms it is very important to know the rest and sleeping time of your baby. You have to set proper time for their sleeping it is the time when the baby experience growth and rest, so, it is very important that the sleeping place of your baby must be comfortable. The sheets, blankets and beds all the items must be of high quality. Remove all the unneeded cloths around your baby and bed because it will cause your baby’s temperature to increase. Apart from it bedding of your baby should be safe, do not purchase those pillows and bedding which are very soft because in soft material your baby will be covered or entangled with them.


Buying suitable clothing for your kid is very important and also needs proper attention as babies are very sensitive to many things. In summer light cotton cloths are ideal to wear in that season, it will not irritate them. When you go for walk along with your baby it is very important to cover his/her head from the direct attack of sun. While in winter you have to go for warm and woolen kind of cloths like sweaters and trousers which keep your baby warm.


Changing baby diapersometime seems difficult to mothers but mothers have to be careful in changing their baby diaper to avoid any kind of infection and irritation. Changing time of diaper depends on wetting time of baby. So, you also have to periodically check your baby diaper.

Sleeping position:

Mothers have to be careful about thesleeping position of their baby. Many of the parents sleep their kids on their stomach which is risky and can cause SID disease, it is highly advised to sleep your baby on back, mostly at night if they change their position and roll then you have to set their position right .

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