Lose Weight Not Health; Common Mistakes in Diet Plans

There are numbers of people who are worried because of being obese and overweight. Despite of varieties of weight loss plans available in the market they still find it quite difficult to reduce weight. The reason is that many of these diet plans are scam and leave adverse effects on the users. However some of them are effective and help to lose weight but there are numbers of side effects they leave and hence the people who use them face a lot of health problems. It is not that all of the diet plans are scam and are just a waste of money and health but many people fail to follow the exact guidelines due to which they face certain health issues. Also there are many people and mostly women since they are more into following weight loss programs, many times they start following a self made diet plan and thus face a lot of troubles. Another reason is that they do not bother to consult any health professional to seek advice. A professional’s opinion is a must otherwise you are going to put your health and well being at stake. So it is advisable to consult a dietician or a health professional for better guidance.

Here are some of the common reasons why your diet plan keeps you from losing weight effectively; instead you lose your health.

  • One of the most common mistakes people commit is that they start eating fruits only. With fruits you are taking in vitamins and carbohydrates but there are no proteins or fats in your diet. With no intake of proteins based food eventually your muscles will get shrinked and you will lose weight. But it will be your valuable muscle mass not your unwanted fats. Besides that without having necessary fats in your diet it will not only disturb your digestion process but also without necessary and useful fats in your diet plan you will probably face wrinkles and some other adverse effects.
  • Another downside is having dinner at early hours and omitting breakfast. Such people create a snare for their own selves because with a gap of more than 12 to 14 hours i.e. early dinner and 8 to 9 hours sleep and then again having a gap in breakfast is simply an unhealthy routine. This allows our body to store increased quantities of fats.
  • There are numbers of diet plans which are offering substitutes of sugar as a healthy replacement of sugar. But in reality they are quite harmful with all the chemicals they can leave severe side effects in the long run.

Thus losing weight is not shedding your muscle mass in fact losing weight should be losing unwanted fats. If you can increase your muscle weight it can enable you to reduce fats at a later stage as well. If weight watchers only take care of some of these common mistakes they commit and lose healthy muscles rather than losing weight or fats but eat healthy food at right time that fulfills the needs of your body, they will surely be successful to achieve their target.  Moreover incorporating organic food like oatmeal, whole grain or beans etc is a must.  Avoid food supplements and inorganic diet plans to your maximum.  Thus eat right, stay healthy and lose unwanted weight as well.

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