Losing Weight Permanently and Smartly: Part I

The growing bulge of the belt and increasing sizes from small to medium to large are a battle we all hate. Still we continue to fight it, or at least attempt to fight it. The shame is that despite our best efforts, diets, exercise regimes, binge eating and much more fails. A good weight loss program needs much more than reducing portions on the plate or jog till your legs feel like breaking. It is more about understanding the body makeup, the age related changes taking place, and ensuring weight control and reduction take place in a way that helps the body keep it away permanently.

The first need is to understand that your need to take off weight is not simply to fit into your old clothes. It is also not a need to look thin, or get attention from the opposite sex. These types of focus are short lived, and any change in them means the change in the entire approach towards reducing weight.

A practical method would be to understand and tell yourself that the reason why you want to reduce weight is to feel good about yourself. Weight is a physical means to demonstrate not only beauty, but health, vitality, vigour and self-respect. A person who takes time in taking care of himself knows his worth and value, and how his health impacts his quality of life. Therefore, any decision to eat should be based on the improvement of quality of life. It should be based on your own decision that you will take care of yourself on all levels, including physical appearance and health.

When this objective is placed, you will start to see your life from more than just a weighing machine perspective. That is the most important aspect of your health. Humans need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy to constitute the full self. The exercise regime should therefore be a method to achieve these four goals on various levels. This can bring about the desired change in approach and address motivation issues that are so commonly blamed as cause of failure of loss.

Try to find a person who will engage in physical activities with you. This helps keep up motivation levels, as exercise becomes a way to have strong emotional bonds with friends and families. It helps prevent boredom and increase a healthy competitive edge towards weight loss.

Identify your daily caloric requirements. Although there are many charts and tables available to help decide which range of health you fall into, you must ascertain with accuracy your actual caloric needs based on your level of activity, the number of hours you sleep, your status as a family member and the kind of job that you carry out. A sitting job, commonly found in offices does not require as much physical exertion as a mining job. Therefore although according your height you may have a certain number of caloric requirements, in actuality you may be using lesser calories than that. By practically addressing your caloric requirements you can easily create a diet plan that prevents over eating.

These main considerations will then help you create a realistic method for reducing weight. Through a proper diet plan, exercise regime and right mental attitude, weight loss can be a relatively simple task rather than a challenge.

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