Most Beneficial At Home Exercises- Indoor Exercises and Workouts

It is the desire of everyone to have all those equipment at his/her home that is used in gyms. Well, it is nice to sound but it’s not only the single option available to  many people, so, the best substitute for it is exercises, so, everyone is in search of exercises that gives good results and do not need any equipment. You can make these at-home exercises more fun and enjoyable by adding music you can even do them while watching TV.

Top Exercises You can Do at Home: 

There are ten kinds of exercises that are effective and gives you the best results.

Jumping jacks:

Jumping jack exercise is always fun to do as it brings back your childhood and many memories and also good for those who cannot done jumping in their childhood. But it is a best Cardio exercise and a good warm up exercise.


For strengthening and building up abdominal muscles crunches is good to do, while starting it don’t worry about getting the head up all the way. As long as you are moving up you will feel the stretching of muscles that will give you some benefits.

Leg lift:

These exercises are great for strengthening and building up the leg muscles. In case you find it difficult to exercise with straight legs you can perform them by bending your legs slightly.


These are the ideal exercises for your buttocks and legs. One can perform them by standing and sitting from a simple chair in case you are feeling them difficult. Your body will get benefit as long as you are repeating it few times.

Step exercises:

You can also give benefit to your body by using your home steps, by repeating it many times will give strength to your leg muscles and will also tone your legs.

Lifting light weight:

There is no need to buy costly weight lifts, you can also use anything from your house. While starting up use just light weight items like pea canes then slowly move to heavy items like heavy bottles, milk jugs and even larger water jugs.

Jogging in a single place:

Jogging is one of the best exercise for the heart. While listening to music or watching TV you can also jog in a place at your home. Only a strong shoe pair you are required by that will release any strength from your legs while jogging.


Push ups are not the favorite exercises for most of the people. As these are hard exercises to do, but there are some simple ways to follow them. You can perform them with your bend knees instead of keeping the legs straight. Or can also perform them against the wall, this is helpful for making your arm muscles strong and best workout for the chest area.


Dancing is considered as a wonderful exercise for the heart, but also gives overall boost feelings.


If the weather is good and nice you have an ideal choice to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you have any work at home and need some walk do it happily as it will tone your legs. If you have stairs at your home go through it a few times a day that is the best exercise for toning your legs.

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