Natural Foods to Slow Down Ageing

Most of us associate aging with the appearance of saggy lines on our necks and face. Medical professionals however define aging in much more detail.

Doctors believe that aging is a slowing down of processes that help the body adjust and respond to external environmental treats. This leads to a gradual decline in many functions of the body. Skin being the external organ, is likely to suffer the most due to high chemicals and sunlight exposure.

This means that if you plan to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, you must first address your overall health. All your body functions indicate your age and the cumulative effect shows itself on your face.

Luckily nature has provided us with some of the best foods to look younger in the form of fruits and vegetables to tackle aging concerns. Use of these healthy foods to look younger can help slow down the aging process. Below are five of the natural foods to look younger. These are some of the most potent anti aging substances and the benefits they give, not only on the skin but the rest of the body too.

Olive Oil

There was a reason why Cleopatra’s best friend was olive oil. This particular monosaturated fat goes in to the deeper levels of skin to give us health skin layers and membranes. Monosaturated fat makes up about one quarter of all the fats present in our skin. It also helps other healthy and skin friendly vitamins enter into your body such as vitamin E.

Olive oil is the central ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. It has been found to significantly reduce damage caused by sun exposure. This is due to the presence of hydroxytyrosol which can actively remove all radicals in the skin. This ingredient is even more powerful than epicatechin in green tea and quercetin in apples. The best form of olive oil to take is the extra virgin olive oil which is extracted from oils in the first press.


Blue berries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants in all fruits and vegetables. It has a high ORAC or oxygen radical absorbing capacity value of 2400, which is only after prunes and raisins.

Blue berries also help slow down the age related loss of mental abilities among humans. Eating blue berries improve your motor functions. Blue berries help in coordination of the body and reduces problems with balance. In women, blueberries can be used to prevent urinary tract infections.


Pomegranate, also called the fruit of heaven, has countless benefits in preventing all kinds of disease, including aging. It has been shown to protect the body against heart conditions, cancers, inflammatory conditions, diabetes and dental conditions and damages caused by exposure to radiation such as sunlight. When taken as a whole fruit and not just the seeds, pomegranate has been proved to considerably slow down the aging preventing the loss, the pomegranates prevent skin texture loss and creation of fine lines.process. The reason is the presence of Ellagic acid which is common in pomegranates and berries. This ellagic acid helps prevent the breakdown of collagen fibers, which keep the skin firm and elastic. By

Green Tea

Green tea has shown to reduce cancer incidences significantly. It helps burn more calories particularly when used with caffeine. It helps prevent food poisoning and tooth decay. Other benefits of green tea use include prevention of cancer, reducing weight and inflammation and anti-microbial properties thereby reducing effects of aging.


Almond oils are high in monosaturated fats and help in increasing HDL cholesterol levels, the good cholesterol. When used as oil it is both cholesterol and sodium free, making it ideal for dieting purposes. Almonds however should not be taken very frequently due to its allergenic potential and high cholesterol contents. It is able to get rid of radicals in the body causing damage to the skin and helps in healing of the skin due to vitamin E content.

You don’t need to visit expensive salons to get anti-aging treatments as long as you know your salon is in your kitchen.

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