Natural Ways and Means to Treat and Avoid Headache

Many times people of all ages face various health problems and some of the common problems like flu, cough, cold and headache are some of the very common problems people face. Headache is the condition when you feel pressure on your head, can’t think properly and sudden feeling of irritation; all these are the signs of headache. This condition is very common and many people keep medicines and tablets with them to help relief headache. But over use of such drugs can at one point become useless to us. Since too much intake or frequent intake may cause you to become addict to these medications and might cause rebound headaches, heart problems and problems linked to your digestive system. Rather than popping another tablet you are required to think and research about the natural cures, remedies and solutions available to you.

What Are The Causes Of Headache:

There are numbers of causes of headache to occur. Some of the common reasons range from stress to poor diet to allergies to lack of sleep to body misalignment and the list goes on and on. Even hats, hair accessories and sunglasses can be the reasons if you keep them on to your head for long. Some foods can trigger headaches and migraines, like dairy products, meat, red wine, caffeine and chocolate yes, a lot of the good stuff unfortunately. Dehydration is also one of the most common causes of headaches.

Next time your head starts pounding, take a look at how you’ve been treating yourself. It’s often a sign that something is out of balance in your life. You may be able to stop a headache from happening in the first place simply by relaxing a little bit or changing your diet. If your attempts are ineffective you can try out some of the following remedies and pain management solutions.

Natural Remedies for Headaches:

  • Consume in a lot of water to prevent you from becoming dehydrated which can ultimately lead to headache.
  • Put an ice pack on the back of your neck, upper back, forehead and temples to relieve you of the headache.
  • Take a hot shower or soak your feet in warm water, many people feel relieved by doing so.
  • Get a massage to release tension and move energy around in the body. This also reduces headache.
  • Exercise. Yoga is especially effective, because of its meditative aspect can prevent or reduce stress.
  • Sleep, rest or relax in a dark, quiet place.
  • Some supplements and herbs have been found to be effective, such as calcium, magnesium, gingko biloba, rosemary and chamomile. You should consult a physician or naturopath to help determine which to take and in what amounts.
  • Eating apples, cinnamon, or lemon is thought to be helpful with head pain.
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