Natural Weight Loss

It is actually a shame that various operations used for weight loss have captured the imagination of anyone who is obese or grossly overweight. Such operations require a commitment that goes beyond that of ordinary or natural weight loss, not to mention the various side effects that they have to go through in addition to having to undergo anesthesia and hospitalization for it. Once they return home, they find that not eating the “proper” foods creates stomach pains, nausea, constant diarrhea, and other associated problems.

Then of course there are the various fad diets. Many who only eat proteins for instance and do not eat fruits or vegetables, now find that they have dental problems, and assorted other health problems. Some fad diets of course cause one to lose weight, some of it rather rapidly, but the hallmark of a fad diet is that once you return to “regular” foods you usually not only return to your former weight, but often are horrified to find that you’ve put on more weight than you started with.

Natural weight loss, on the other hand, is not physically harmful, just the opposite, and because it is naturally accomplished, does not result in putting the weight back on as the fad diets create. Along with natural weight loss, you will feel better and move much easier. Your metabolism will increase naturally too as a side effect (benefit) of natural weight loss.

Natural weight loss means that you are expending more energy than you are allowing your body to take in, via the foods you eat. Performing cardio exercises followed by weight training is an excellent way to change your body from holding in the fats in your body to using those fats to bring your body more energy.

Healthy eating combined with exercise is the way to do this. Your fitness also has a tremendous tie to your stress reduction, and that’s partly why you feel better when you exercise, besides helping your body to burn fat more efficiently.

Eating a tremendous variety of fruits and vegetables will allow you to lower the calories in your food, which is unfortunately what is necessary to lose weight naturally. Most vegetables are also low in carbohydrates, which will keep your blood sugars from jumping high to low in a matter of an hour, the way that eating sugar for example, accomplishes.

Losing weight also depends a lot on keeping our bodies hydrated.  Water or liquids as it were, are totally necessary for such things as waste excretion, absorption, and of course optimal digestion, which is partially why we are so tired after eating a large meal.  Further staying hydrated also gives us additional energy, and fights fatigue.

If your lack of exercise has led you from a sedentary lifestyle to one that is now physically damaging, go swimming as exercise, or go for short walks to begin with.  You body will definitely thank you as not only is exercise helpful in losing weight, but it will give you more energy as well as helping you reduce stress.

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