Period or Menstrual (Menses) Problems Faced by Women with Solutions

There are a large number of women populations suffering from period or menses problems. There are a number of problems regarding the women’s period’s cycles that some women aren’t even aware of. In a continent like Asia, this issue of hygiene is somewhat ignored. There isn’t much awareness about the problems of periods and women have to look them up instead of knowing about them beforehand. Some of the period problems and suggestions for their cure are the following:

  • Irregular periods: there are some women who don’t have the perfect cycle of periods. The perfect cycle of periods means that the women will have periods after precisely 25 to 28 days. But in most adult women, the problem lies of delayed periods. This irregularity of periods does not suggest that there is something wrong with the women; it might just be because of some hormonal imbalance. In order to get rid of this irregularity, you can get yourself checked and monitored on a daily basis. Your doctor might be able to tell if this irregularity of periods is harmful or just a phase.
  • Too much pain during periods: there are some young and middle aged women who suffer from a lot of pain during their periods. Dysmenorrhoea is what this problem is called. It is not exactly a disease but there is a lot of pain during the period’s cycle. There is no advisable cure for this pain as it is always better not to have any medicine during your periods.
  • Amenorrhea: this means that a woman might not be having periods at all after a certain time. This stopping of periods might be because of pregnancy or simply stress. Too much stress and illness also hinders in your period cycle.
  • Menorraghia: this means that the woman has heavy periods. Heavy periods mean that there is heavy bleeding for at least five days during the period cycle. Anemia, exhaustion, illness and stress are the main causes of heavy periods. Hormonal imbalance might also contribute to this fact. The intake of the right kind of minerals and vitamins may lead to hormonal balance and thus a reduction in the heavy periods.

Problems solved

As there are a lot of period’s problems, women are always looking for their solutions. The best solutions to keep safe from period problems include the better intake of necessary nutrients. These include the right kind of intake of protein. As protein helps in maintaining and building up new and stronger cells in the body, it is necessary to have it right intake. Having the good amount of water will also keep your body hydrated and fresh, thus less chances of infections and hormonal imbalance.

Fruits and vegetables also play an important role in keeping these period problems away from you. Fruits and vegetables contain the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals that provide energy, support and life to your body cells.

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