Precautions to Take During Pregnancy

The importance of taking precautions during pregnancy cannot be stressed enough. Pregnancy is a very fragile state for the mother as well as for the developing baby. For the mother, any lack of care, stress or illness will result in her further weakening. Already, a pregnant woman’s immunity is lowered during this phase, and she is vulnerable to more infections and illnesses than during her regular days. Any illness will directly affect her unborn baby as well. For the baby, any carelessness can result in an irreversible damage. Growth of the fetus is a very sensitive stage, and may become affected by physical or chemical insult. This may affect the proper growth, the pattern of growth, the size of the baby, or even death of the baby. Therefore, taking precautions is extremely important and should not be taken lightly.
During pregnancy, the foremost precaution is for the mother to remain well hydrated, and ensure that she is eating at regular intervals. Pregnant women use up more energy than regular people. Also, more than half of the calorie she takes up immediately gets directed towards her fetus. This means that a pregnant woman is operating at half of the energy she usually has. This energy will replenish quickly, therefore, it is very important that she continues to have healthy snacks at regular intervals.
Lack of food and nutrition will also affect the baby’s condition as well. a baby cannot survive very long without glucose, nutrients and oxygen that it is deriving from its mother. Any fall in mother’s blood nutrient level would mean a decreased intake for the baby, which may seriously harm it.
It is also important to refrain from very heavy exercising or workloads such as lifting heavy stuff. A pregnant woman’s abdomen is stretching, which means the muscles are opening up and relaxing. In such state, these abdominal muscles are not able to take very heavy strains, which are already holding up the baby. Any heavy lifting may cause damage to the mother or even worse, damage to the fetus.
Bending is another precaution that women should take. Again, this is because of the laxity in the abdomen and the hip muscles, which can damaged. Bending also puts excessive strain on the uterus. Therefore, it is very important to avoid bending or other such body maneuvers.
Pregnant women should also refrain from using any forms of addictive substances. Women who are pregnant should stay away from alcohol, since alcoholism can cause many syndromes among the unborn fetus. Mothers should also avoid any form of medication without prior consulting with their doctor. Not all medicines are suitable for the baby, and therefore, cannot be administered.
Another precaution to take is to avoid any forms of mental stress. Pregnancy is a very emotional and turbulent time for a mother. Therefore, she cannot take the added mental stress of other irrelevant problems. Not taking active steps to avoid such stresses will make a woman depressed and resentful, and will affect her relations and feelings during and after pregnancy.
Taking good care of the self is a very important part of pregnancy, and a pregnant woman should take it as a responsibility to herself that is above any other problem in her life. Taking necessary precautions, eating well, taking adequate rest, and having a happy environment are essential for a happy course of pregnancy.

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