Pregnancy and Child Birth

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most exciting times that a woman faces in her life. It is however, also one of greatest anxiety. A first time mother is always concerned about even the little details about her pregnancy, her health, her emotions and the future. This is all natural, for being a mother means having a protective instinct to provide and feed for the baby. The changes taking place in one’s life are not so subtle either. There is a change in the body, and the way one perceives her own body. There is a change in the diet, the sleeping patterns, the endless opinions related to pregnancy, childbirth and taking care of the child. These and many other issues take very much the front seat in a woman’s life when pregnancy takes place.
This is however, one of the most common times when a woman stops caring for herself. This is a very negative practice and should not be done at any time. Being healthy is not just something to take care of, it is a necessity for the pregnant mother. She must ensure that she is happy and healthy physically as well as mentally in order to have a positive childbirth experience. while pregnancy, day to day responsibilities, job and housework, and spending time with family members is also important, it is not nearly as important as the fact that you need to take care of yourself better. In this matter, draw the line. You come first!
It is very important to go through the different phases of pregnancy with full knowledge about changes taking place in your baby as well as the changes taking place in you. Different phases of pregnancy have different concerns and issues, therefore, being forewarned and knowledgeable prevents any problems from occurring. It is also important that you have a doctor who will see you through out the course of pregnancy, in order to avoid any complications later on. The doctors are able to visualize any problems taking place with you or the baby, and are able to provide you with guidance in handling different symptoms of pregnancy.
This brings us to the symptoms of pregnancy. Many women will state that their pregnancies were completely uneventful, and that they had absolutely no problem in their delivery. Others will tell you of the endless days of vomiting and nausea, and many other problems and symptoms that take place during pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different, therefore, it is useless to compare. This is because each woman is different. Therefore, the only gauge of comparison is yourself, and even that is possible when you are having a second or subsequent child. Again, even then, it is possible to have difference in the experience of pregnancy.
When finally, you have crossed all the stages of pregnancy, the time comes for the birth of your baby. Again, this is a very stressful yet happy time. Mothers are excited to finally meet their baby for the first time, yet at the same time are worried about the outcomes of the delivery. Will it be a normal case, or will it be a cesarean? Part of these decisions is under the control of the woman herself, and therefore, she should go through the birthing process in any manner that she feels comfortable. Now is not the time to go into other people’s opinions. This is the biggest event of your life, and you should run the show.
In the end, the most important thing to remember is that pregnancy is a stage of life which is the most important and yet the most fragile state for a woman. Therefore, she needs to be completely happy, and ensure that she does not have any problems physical or mental which are unnecessary. Taking care of yourself will ensure that you will be properly able to take care of your baby as well.

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