Safety Precautions for a New Born Baby

Small babies are unable to care for themselves, and therefore, need constant supervision by their mother or an adult. One of the most important needs of the baby is his or her protection from the potential environmental factors. These may even be everyday use things that we may not consider. Some of these safety precautions are as follows
• When placing the baby in an infant seat, it is important to keep the seat on the floor and from any harmful place such as near electricity sockets. Never leave the seat on elevated surfaces.
• A very young baby should be well supported when held in the arms. The head neck and back should be very well supported.
• In a car, the baby should always be buckled into rear facing infant seat secured in back seat.
• Babies should never be shaken. Babies are very fragile, and may become subjected to shaken baby syndrome. In all circumstances, do not shake the baby.
• Do not carry out any potential dangerous activities when the baby is around
• Do not handle any hot liquids or items while holding the baby
• Never leave the baby alone in the water bath or near water for any reason
• When the baby is on the changing table, do not leave the baby even for a second. Even when you are with the baby, keep one hand on the baby at all times.
• Keep all detergents, acids, inflammable stuff out of the reach of children
• Use products carefully and read their labels
These and many such tips should be kept in mind when handling a baby, as they are very prone to accidents.

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