Signs of Pregnancy

There are many signs of pregnancy that can help a patient seek their doctor for confirmation. But just like no two women are the same, the signs of pregnancy may vary from one woman to the next. Many claim that they are not even aware that they have become pregnant until they are told so. Others claim that they are able to tell they are pregnant the moment they have conceived. These signs and symptoms and their presence or absence are not a cause of concern. most of the signs and problems that are faced during pregnancy are temporary until the delivery takes place. However, some signs and symptoms may need close monitoring to ensure that both mother and child do not develop any complications.
The most common sign is the missing of the period of the woman. This is however, the most common sign that can also be confusing. For example, a woman with a regular period may have false bleeding which takes place during the implantation phase. This phase is the one where the zygote or the fertilized egg takes place in the mother’s uterus, which can result in some bleeding. The mother may consider this as a sign of the period and may therefore, be confused. On the other hand, missing of the period may not have significance in a woman who has irregular periods in the first place. Such patients can only determine their pregnancy state through various pregnancy tests.
Many women may experience physical changes in their bodies which they may not have come across before. For example, enlargment and pain in breast and nipples, loss of libido, tiredness, fatigue and dizziness are some of the very common and early signs of pregnancy. Initial stages of pregnancy are also marked by frequent urination, and strange cravings for particular things. Sometimes these cravings can be objects which are not actually food such as chalk etc., a condition known as pica.
The most common tests for detection and diagnosis of early pregnancy are the pregnancy kits and the urinalysis. Urine samples are often able to diagnose pregnancy based on the changes in the composition and presence of certain chemicals not commonly found in the urine. Further confirmation can take place with the use of imaging systems such as ultrasounds, although early pregnancies may be hard to determine at this point.
It has also been observed that women usually experience the same signs and symptoms of pregnancy that their mothers may have experienced. Usually women may follow the same patterns and phases of pregnancy as their mothers, and therefore, having this information may provide clues as to the possibility of having conceived.
Many women may experience changes in the blood pressure and heart rates from normal, and basal body temperatures are also very likely to change. Since the body is undergoing some very dynamic changes, any type of symptom and sign can be expected. Many women may start to feel moody, depressed and tearful, and may not be able to tell why they are feeling this way. Mood swings and temper tantrums are also a very common symptom. Therefore, it is advised that whenever a woman starts to feel changes in her common personality and physique that is apart from the usual, she must refer to the doctor for confirmation of pregnancy.

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