Some Foot Problems During Pregnancy And Their Treatments

Water retention and weight gain are the most significance changes that occurred during pregnancy and mostly causes foot discomfort. Changes in the center of gravity can put pressure on your feet and knees. Alignment and posture can change daily movements like sitting, walking, standing and lifting can have great affect. Most common and usual problems faced by a woman in pregnancy are arch flattening, edema and over pronation. These problems can cause pain in arch, heel and also on the foot-ball. Many women also experience pain in lower back, leg cramping and also varicose pain because of increase in weight. If one can understand the reasons of foot pain and also learn the ways through which they can get relief from this pain through the whole duration of these nine months through simple home treatments.


One of the common and usual foot conditions that happen during pregnancy is edema and swelling, it is caused by uterus pressure which causes hampered circulation. The water fluid in the women’s body remains as same as was before. This foot problem named as edema usually occurs during later pregnancy, and is also considered as normal condition along with hands and face swelling.


Over-pronation is also one of the common problems faced by pregnant ladies that are flat feet. This problem usually caused by flattening because of additional weight which causes an inward rolling of foot while walking. This can also cause excessive inflammation and stress over plantar fascia. It is a tissue of fibrous band that goes from heel to forefoot. If you pay no attention to this situation and left untreated it may cause some serious disorders. This problem can be cured by wearing perfect fitted footwear that gives comfortable arch support. You can also use easy athlete’s footwear, and also orthotics that give supports to arches or ball of foot and also cushion pain heels.

Prevention and treatment:

  • Try to move your feet up as possible as you can
  • Wear such socks and shoes that are comfortable and will not cause any harm to your feet.
  • Do not be or walk barefoot, always try to use supportive and comfortable shoes. The shoes which have rigid sole and can easily bend when the foot bends.
  • After shower always dry the area between your toes and also your whole feet. Excess moisture between your toes can cause eventual ulceration and can cause skin breakdown.
  • If you have to drive or sit for long a time it will cause swelling in your feet then you must have to stand and take a round so, to increase the circulation of blood in your foot.
  • Regular exercise is very important that will improve blood circulation in your foot.
  • Take good amount of liquids during your pregnancy, as if you reduce taking of water it will not reduce your swelling. During pregnancy your baby and your own body as well need lots of water almost about 8 glasses of water in a day. It will help your baby from toxin.
  • Avoid such foods which have high content of salt as it increases water retention.

In pregnancy your both feet will swell if you feel swelling in one of the two feet then it might be some other problem so, you must have to consult your doctor.

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