Stress-Related Back Pain

Back pain is fast becoming a widely prevalent condition among the adult population. There are many reasons why back pain can take place, and not one article can fully describe all these factors. However, this article will focus on the emotional aspects of back pain. It will identify the key points how emotional distress can affect and cause back pain and vice versa.
There are many who believe that back pain is only for those who sit for hours in front of a computer or who are involved in heavy weight lifting. While these two situations strongly contribute towards back pain; emotional problems, stresses and distress are as strong contributors to back pain as lifting weights. Therefore, the first thing to realize is that while you may not be doing these two activities, you still may suffer from back pain. Emotional distress, depression, anxiety, fear and tension can contribute towards it, and back pain in turn can cause the above mental conditions. Therefore, the link and connection is very strong. This particular type of back pain has been categorized by doctors as either psychosomatic or psychophysiological in nature. Simply put, the term means that the brain and mood is causing the back pain, which in turn is causing the body to report to the mind that it is in pain. In this way a cycle is formed.
When told of this diagnosis, some may become worried that they are mentally ill, for many doctors may prescribe anxiety reducing drugs, or may refer to a psychologist. Both are simply methods to help you come to terms with your problem, and alleviate it. The longer the situation is delayed, the worse the back pain may become. Therefore, instead of worrying about the taboo associated with going to a psychologist, make a mental decision that your health and your vitality is more important than what people think or say. Dealing with the emotional stress will automatically lead to a reduction in the pain in back in these particular cases. Although good exercise regime and elimination of potential contributors to back pain should also be undertaken, the primary focus should be on the mental health of your own self.

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