Students! Don’t Let Stress Overcome Your Studies

Stress is part of our lives just like joy and bliss. In this fast and hectic life there is hardly anyone who does not have any problem or worry. Can you find anyone around you? I think no, you can’t because there is hardly anyone who is not worried for money, job, personal or social life issues, studies etc. A house wife has her own issues and a working woman has to confront specific type of problems and also a student has to cope  up with his/her very own kind of problems. Passing in exams is not their whole world. There are number of other issues in their lives, one after another and the story goes on and on.

Student life if at one end is filled with learning processes, friends, achievements etc then on the other hand it is also full of stress, study pressure, time management issues, exam tensions, financial constraints and sometimes social issues as well. But it does not mean to give up or use negative means to get relieved of being stressed.

If a student is under stress it can affect his/her performance and overall health. Such things should be avoided and parents, teachers and friends or siblings should help out a student to ward off all the stress and tensions.  Some of the recommended and widely practiced tips and way outs to stay away or evade stress in your student life are being discussed as follows:

  • First and foremost thing is to learn how to manage your time properly. It is of extreme significance to give yourself enough time to work on your studies to do well. If you do so you can save yourself plenty of stress by planning things beforehand and learning how to manage with your time. You can plan your schedule for your studies. It will be good, breaking up study timings into small chunks and simultaneously carry out other routine activities as well.
  • Learning organizational skills is another important aspect to avoid being stressed. Always keep a record of your notes, due assignments, quizzes. It can help bring in peace of mind knowing everything about your important papers and books etc. Such things can help clearing some of the mental muddle. Keep a record of all the assignment papers, due dates, term paper dates, and lecture notes etc this can help you ward off stress to a greater extent.
  • It is also important to assess your learning style. We all have different personalities so we all learn and understand in varied styles. Some are good at visualization while some are good auditory learners. So it is good to know what suits you to attain success.
  • Studies have proved that those people who have an optimistic approach and can dismiss failures easily are always good at health, less stressed and a lot more successful individuals as well.  You can adopt this approach and consequently can do better in studies.
  • Lack of sleep can also affect your studies in an undesirable manner. According to some researches, those who cannot have 6-8 hours sleep a day for some days are more likely not to perform well and face problems in learning and remembering things properly. In order to have optimum performance you need to sleep well.
  • Chronic stress and anxiety can spoil your learning ability and also will affect your overall performance. Learn stress management techniques to reduce your stress level and to perform well in difficult times as well.
  • Taking part in extracurricular activities, sports, music and giving time to your hobbies or anything that pleases you can also play a positive role in making you stress free.

Thus by following some of the above mentioned techniques and approaches a student can avoid being stressed and can do well in studies as well.

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