Symptoms of Pregnancy – Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of nature’s most wondrous phases. Each pregnancy is unique and therefore, its phases differ. However, there are certain features that help identify a pregnancy, and the different stages of it. Medical science has been able to successfully extract this information, therefore, now, any pregnant woman can anticipate beforehand which changes will take place in a particular month. The changes that take place in the body during pregnancy are usually short lived, and these are termed as symptoms. There are certain very important symptoms that help identify whether a person is pregnant. Again, since the presence of symptoms may take place in one woman and not in the other, it is better to have full medical checkups and tests done to make sure a pregnancy has taken place.
One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is dizzy spells. A woman may suddenly start having dizzy spells, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are collectively considered as morning sickness, since they tend to take place in the morning when a woman wakes up. There are many medicines available for such symptoms; however, caution must be advised due to the possible side effects of the drugs on the fetus.
A woman may also start to feel hungrier than usual. This is because now there are two persons in one body, and since the growth of the baby takes place at a very rapid rate, the need for energy increases. Now is not the time for dieting, for any less nutrition may mean loss of the mother or the child in terms of health. Eating a healthy and balanced diet with good proportion of fiber is essential to make pregnancy easier, without gaining undue weight and feeling healthy.
Early stages of pregnancy also are marked with increased urine output, which means very frequent bathroom trips. Again, this is a phase that will go away during mid pregnancy, and will come back at the end of the pregnancy. This is because the pressure on the bladder causes frequent urge to urinate. Many women will try to reduce their water intake to tackle with the issue; however, it is very detrimental to health and should never be done. Water is needed as importantly as any other nutrients during pregnancy.
These and many other symptoms may present during the first few months of pregnancy. Missing of a period in a regularly menstruating woman is another key identification of pregnancy. Therefore, in presence of any of these symptoms, a woman should have her full checkup done and confirm her pregnancy, so that she can care for herself properly during the later months.

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