Tips To Avoid Nappy Rash

None of the parents can ever tolerate pain to their babies and nappy rash is usually the cause that make baby restless and panic. Baby skin is quite sensitive and is prone to nappy/diaper rashes. Here are some useful tips to avoid nappy rashes and keep baby happy and healthy.

Change nappy frequently:

Urine contains ammonia and that irritates baby’s bottom when nappy is used for longer hours. Experts suggests that change baby nappy every after 2-3 hours and if baby done poo change it as soon as possible. Wipe the baby bottom thoroughly and try to clean it from feaces remains. Just assure that you have done everything perfectly before wrapping nappy. When you are about to change the nappy wash off baby every time because urine irritate skin and results in baby rashes. Best way is to keep a soft quality towel and pat baby bottom dry after rinsing with water. You may not know that moisture and wet skin is the leading cause of nappy rash in babies.

Change baby wipes:

If you are using wipes then, it can be a causative agent for rashes because wipes often contains chemicals and fragrances that is harmful for baby delicate skin. Check the wipes and if you smell it contain high chemicals than, better is to change the wipes brands. Actually, baby skin is thinner and is largely prone to infections. Better is to make use of lukewarm water and soft cloth or towel for baby bottom. Always make use of quality baby products like soap, wipes, baby powder and other baby products because products designed specifically for babies contain fewer chemicals as compare to normal products.

Fresh air:

Fresh air is the traditional and amazing remedy to heal nappy rash. Allow your baby to rest freely for some time in his/her court or baby playmate and allow them to play freely. It is usually suggested that tie nappy after half an hour baby takes bath and let him/her to kick around without nappy. Fresh air is free of cost and highly appreciated remedy for rashes.

Quality effective nappy cream:

A good mild nappy cream also prevents moistures to reach the baby skin. Apply a decent thick cream layer about 2-3 times, usually suggested to apply before bed time. If you ever notice that the baby bottom is slightly red or have rashes apply a thick cream coat and use in every change to boost the healing process.

Actually, baby skin is very sensitive and it is prone to rashes and other issues than the skin of adults. That is why it is always recommended to buy medicines, creams and ointments after doctor prescription. Sometimes some chemicals aren’t stable for the baby and it may lead to more severe condition. Better is to avoid chemicals and use home based treatments for any problem as it is more secure and easier. Baby rashes are the story of every other home so, the above mention tips can work wonders in lessening the severity of the situation.

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