Tips To Stay Young And Active Longer – Top Secrets to Staying Young

Researches proved that some kinds of food can reduce the degree which affects the ageing process and give you younger and fresher look. One can reduce the ageing process by having an energetic lifestyle and well balanced diet.

Tips to Stay Young:

Tip 1 – Eating tomatoes:

Tomatoes are the great source of lycopene and one of the strongest antioxidant that provide protection against cancer and heart diseases particularly the mouth, colon, stomach and lung cancer.

Tip 2 – Use soybean:

Soybean provides you complete protein and a low fat meal, it has isoflavones which are helpful to stop the ageing that usually happens due to hormonal disturbance. It also provides protection against prostate and breast cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s osteoporosis. It helps in maintaining oestrogen level for menopausal women.

Tip 3 – Add ginger and garlic to the cooking:

The use of garlic in cooking is very beneficial for everyone as it is an antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It lowers your HDL (bad fats) and blood pressure, control triglycerides, cholesterol, widen the blood vessels, it helps in treating skin, intestinal and respiratory infections. It is said that eating a garlic clove every day saves you from heart disease and cancer.

Tip 4 – Add nuts and seeds in your diet:

Seeds and nuts are rich sources of potassium, iron, selenium, vitamin E, magnesium, fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids. Eating 30 g or a handful of nuts every day is very good for health. Before eating one must have to look at the nutritional details of that nuts because some contain higher fat as compared to others.

Tip 5 – Take a complete breakfast:

Always take a complete breakfast with yogurt, as, yogurt helps to improve and boost the digestion and immunity, increase the nutrient absorption from the gut.

Tip 6 –  Eat barriers:

All blue and black berries like blueberries, black grapes, blackberries include phytochemicals which is a powerful antioxidant.

Tip 7 – Use honey instead of other sweetens:

Many researches have been carried out which shows that honey is a good natural source which reduce the ageing process, as ageing also cause anxiety and memory decline. Diets that are sweetened with honey has great advantages in reducing anxiety and also improves the memory in the ageing process. As honey is a natural source and has natural sugar that satisfies human craving for sweets. Try to remove those foods that contain high fats like oily foods, junk food, chocolates, sweets, desserts and etc.

Tip 8 – Sunshine:

Sunshine is not a food but it is very essential for human health. Aged people are at higher risk of having diabetes and heart diseases due to the deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D production in the skin has been boosted by spending much time in the sun.

Tip 9 –  Exercises:

Apart from eating well balanced diet proper and regular exercises are also very important for keeping you young and active. Morning walk is the simple and easy exercise that every age people can do, it regulates the blood flow that gives shine to your skin, add quality years to your life, make you active healthy and fresh all the time.

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