What Is Your Ideal Weight According to Your Height and Age?

Some digits keep on revolving your mind. Some of them are like your date of birth, your phone number, your registration number, your car number but out of them all there is a scary one prowling in your mind for many years and that is your ideal weight. There are number of factors of which you need to take a look into or which indirectly affect your weight. These factors are height and age of course.

Many people however think of loosing extra 10 pounds or so even if they are into the healthy range of weight according to their physique and height. If you have a reasonable height but an extra slim body you will not be considered a smart fellow. You need to maintain both with each other and also your age. There are some things inherited by us like having a good height or a short one. But such factors can be covered well if you try to maintain your weight to have a beautiful personality.

After birth the size and height of a baby increases very quickly and after 5 years till 16 years a child grows very speedily but after 16 the growth process slows down and from 16 to 20 years there is only 5 inch increase in the height on the yearly basis. After 25 years the height process stops completely. For those who wish to have a good height should take care of their eating habits.

The best method to find out the ideal weight according to your height and age is to calculate your BMI that is; body mass index. It is also used to know about the status of your health. The calculation process is very simple and you can calculate your BMI very easily. All you need to do is to divide your weight by your height in inches. Multiply again your answer with your height in inches. Multiply the answer with 703. After computation of your BMI you can easily determine if your weight is ideal according to your height or not? If your answer is something between 18.5 to 24.5 you are then considered to be normal in weight. Above 25 you are considered overweight or obese.

For adults age does not have to do much with your weight and height. Although it is a fact that height and weight vary as the person ages. But you will not find out age in many of the BMI calculators. However for kids or teens age plays an important role. The reason is because of kid’s growth and puberty. In order to calculate BMI for kids they are but on a percentile chart that is based on gender and age.

BMI is a good thing to know about your weight according to your height and age. It is a good thing to determine whether you are in good health or not, however for some people like bodybuilders or chronic smokers it will not be a good choice. The former one will be considered overweight or obese and the later one although being considered in good health but will be as unhealthy as an obese. Some of the other factors that are considered to determine weight according to height are body mass, muscular structure, bone size etc. But to be an ideally healthy person you need to focus on your health, toned and fit body. Some of the extra pounds do not matter much if they are much needed for you.

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