What Your Newborn Should Wear

One of the biggest questions that come to a parent’s mind is what to put on their little bundle of joy. Many parents and well wishers may buy heaps of clothes, only to find out they were not suitable for the baby. Following tips may help.
Firstly, comfort is the most important thing for the baby. Since the baby has been living in a topless environment for quite sometime, even putting on a fabric is a challenge for the little body. Therefore, the primary concern when selecting clothes should be a pure cotton fabric that is extremely soft to touch.
Second, simplicity is the best policy when choosing designs. Children do not easily adjust to frills and elastics. Therefore, try to find clothes that are a comfortable fit and that do not impinge on the baby.
Third, little babies have very unstable thermal mechanisms. This means that children may get very hot and very cold immediately. Therefore, select clothes that help cover the entire body of the baby. This helps when the child moves from a very hot to cold environment, since it protects the baby from having a rapid rise or fall in the temperature.
Always remember to take into consideration at what time the baby is born and plan ahead. In winters, a thick cotton full body suit, with or without a top or hat will be preferable. However, in summers of intense heat, very light cotton or lawn clothes with lots of air room will be helpful. In all cases, the baby must be covered, although the fabric may vary.
It is better to put layers on babies rather than putting on one piece of cloth that is either too hot or too cool. The inner layer helps trap heat when cold, and helps adjustment in temperature changes in the surroundings. Therefore, vests, body suits and small half sweaters can be helpful.
At very young stages, children liked to be held close and feel the warmth of the womb they were in. They like the snuggled feel in warmth, which is why the use of wraps can be very helpful. If the mother is up to it, she can put the baby in the sling wrap. However, practicality along with extreme tiredness of the mother cannot allow this. Therefore, always wrap the baby in a comfortable wrap. The child feels warm, and feels psychologically secure.
Do not buy clothes with lots of bows or buttons. Children are prone to choking hazards. Always prefer simpler designs. Although they may seem boring, they are safer and more comfortable for your baby.
It is better to shop for the baby before hand so that during the last days of the pregnancy, there is less stress regarding clothes. Also, it is better to buy one pair larger than the intended baby sizes, so as to allow for variations.
A very important cloth item is mittens. Mittens help prevent the baby from scratching itself, since it may be difficult to cut the baby’s nails in early days, and they may be sharp for the delicate baby skin. Also, a good cap to cover the head at all times is very important.  Again both in summers or winters, the primary function of the cap is to regulate heat.
In conclusion, always remember that babies’ temperature regulation mechanisms are not developed. Even the smallest variations in temperatures can affect the baby significantly. Therefore, ensure that the clothes meet this need according to the season, and are comfortable with very less decorative items to prevent irritation or choking hazards.

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