Why Motivation Is the First Step to Losing Weight

The secret to weight loss lies in the most important gadget we ever need, motivation. Motivation is one of the most powerful tools used to create long lasting efforts and targets. The problem is that most people are motivated to lose weight. However they are motivated for the wrong reasons.

Losing weight is a task, and this task requires that a person understands the goal of the task and what he wants to attain out of it. For most people, the motivation is to fit in their old jeans, or to be acceptable socially. Others may be motivated to look their best for a certain someone. These motivations are likely to fail. Look at the movie Bridget Jones diary. Her motivation to lose weight was to gain attentions of some eligible bachelors around her. It was no wonder that any drop in her romantic life moved her towards binge eating. The same is the case with regular people. When the motivation to lose weight revolves around pleasing other people, any disappointment leads to giving up on diet. In such cases, the motivation to lose weight psychologically gets associated with other people.

These kinds of motivational traps are very bad starts to any weight loss program. So the motivation should be more than these reasons. So what is the motivation best suited for weight loss program? Its you!

Motivation for yourself and yourself will lead to far more positive results than any other form you have thought up till now. Weight loss is not simply a matter of losing inches. It is a road towards improving your quality of life by taking up healthy choices. Therefore weight loss and exercise programs are just one part of the motivation. Other aspects that must be considered include proper diet maintenance, improving the surroundings in home, office, social life and environment around you, and taking time out for rest, leisure, hobbies and games just like one takes out time for office work.

Motivation therefore is followed by priority setting. You need to set it as your own personal priority to take out time for yourself. No company, no matter how indulging will not be as good enough as that spent in your own company. This time spent on the self helps you get in touch with your own personality, beliefs, values, likes and dislikes, and gives perspective on where you want to head in life.

Does this actually help me lose pounds you wonder? Yes, because it creates a motivational level where you want to be good to yourself, not gain approval of others. Any weight you lose will be for yourself, and any loss of weight will mean pride for yourself.

Finally, you must choose to lose weight. The choice of losing weight is an important aspect of motivation. When you are interested in losing weight, you will lose weight. But when you feel it is a chore to do so, the results are not likely to come by for quite some time.

Take the time out for yourself, and work towards creating a health and weight loss plan that impacts all areas of your life. The goal should be a happier and healthier you, not simply losing inches. A positive approach to weight loss will create the right mind frame which will yield better results in your overall weight loss goals.

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