5 Mistakes to Avoid in the Layout of Your Bathroom

The idea of a home implies a place where you can enjoy the utmost freedom and relaxation. A bathroom is among the most important segments of a home, as we tend to begin our days with a visit to the bathroom. It must, thus, inspire harmony and serenity. Do you feel that your bathroom does not deliver this inspiration and lack a sense of subtleness? Here are some mistakes to avoid!

  1. Skipping the plan:

The bathroom must inspire serenity while being functional. To find the right balance between aesthetics and practicality, you need to establish a precise plan. First, you need to construct your idea of serenity and then detect any errors in the present bathroom design. After you know what kind of aura you want in your bathroom, you must seek the help of a professional or plan a layout yourself. In case you are endeavoring this revamping yourself don’t forget to use the free to use specialized software to make your job easier.

  1. Minimized storage:

You want a sleek shower and do not wish to install cupboards or shelves that break the flow of lines? Be aware that storage is an essential element in a bathroom. Every object must have its place to avoid disorder. You can replace bulky wall shelves with furniture that blend in with the decor: a vertical wall cabinet that slides behind a wall or hidden behind a mirror, drawers under the sink or behind a wall …

  1. Neglecting the ventilation:

The bathroom is a wet room. So, you must install controlled mechanical ventilation to renew the air regularly. Be aware that permanent moisture will cause the paint to blister in a very short time. Also, note that wet towels increase the humidity in the bathroom. To remedy this, do not hesitate to install a heated towel rail in this room.

  1. Choosing the wrong shower:

The Italian shower is the big trend of the moment as it inspires simplicity! Though its installation is far from easy but it is worth the relaxing time you are going to spend in the shower. The floor must have a minimum thickness to accommodate the evacuation and the receiver. In addition, the slope of the shower must be sufficient to allow the flow of water. In the case of a renovation in an apartment, it is better to turn to another solution such as an extra-flat receiver or a conventional shower.

  1. Minimized lightening:

Even if you do not spend time reading in your bathroom, do not reduce the lighting. Multiply the light sources to bring liveliness into the room, especially if the openings are limited. Opt for LEDs, whose brightness is closest to daylight.

These gruesome mistakes are ruining your bathroom mood. Remember your bathroom can offer a better beginning for the day. Do not let these small mistakes to keep you from enjoying the potential of your bathroom. So, avoid all the afore-mentioned mistakes to enhance your bathroom experience!

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