Best Garden Care Tips for the Beginners

All those people who newly jumped in the ground of gardening, they must have some questions in their mind for which they are searching to get their answers. These questions include how often should I water the garden, what kind and what quantity of fertilizers will be better, how frequently should I mow the garden. All these are the few questions that are considered as the basic questions which every gardener must have to know.

The answer of the question will be available with many different choices from which you can choose the best option. Here you will surely found the answer of your questions:

  • First of all start with watering- it is very essential for the garden to look healthy and vibrant. But you have to give proper water at proper time. It will be beneficial; if you water the garden in incorrect time it will damage your lawn. The best and ideal time for watering your garden is the morning and night time. It will help the garden from evaporation, on windy day also do not water in this situation you will lose the control over the garden.
  • Do not add water to your garden every time, watering your garden occasionally is best for your garden. Average lawn need 1 inch water in a week, but the scale may change with climate of the place or day. When you feel water is running out from the lawn stop watering them more. The best option is to choose anything that is the mark of their water quantity and use it on regular basis.
  • Now, comes to fertilizers, it is a bit confusing subject to understand. There are various kinds of fertilizers that are specific for every season. Here, are few best tips that will guide you best about the selection of nutrients, the main elements are potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. All of these ingredients have their own function like nitrogen is helpful in filling up the nitrogen need and are helpful in green growth of the garden. For strong development of roots phosphorous works best and will also helps in fighting against different diseases. For getting best lawn or garden the combination of different fertilizers is good not a single fertilizer works well. Before using fertilizers test your soil for the best selection of fertilizer. This test will help you which kind of fertilizer is best and most suitable for the soil. You can take help from any garden professionals. Try to completely follow their instructions; otherwise you may cause some problem to your lawn.
  • Now, comes to the mowing of the garden- in summer season mowing once your lawn in a week. But some lawns will require extra for best growing. All the plants need different amount of care so; you have to keep in your mind and treat them.
  • Determine proper schedule for mowing your garden, it will depends on how fast your garden will grow, and need to cut. Proper cutting will keep your grass to grow strong and it will grow your soil healthy and strong.
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