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Home decoration is a great fun and an exciting experience as well. If you have experience it before then you will be better aware of it. It needs attentive planning, if you have done all the planning but still there are many folds that need to turn. Such small incidents may spoil your whole schedule. That affects your time and budget as well. Mistakes may happen at any time whether it is paint color selection, wrong measurement, buying any item like right screw or any other fault may be a great source of headache.

But some blessed souls, luckily created outstanding iPhone apps for home decoration. These apps not only helps you but also allows you to save lots of money like professional fees and other small expenses of the projects. If you want designs of professionals, wonderful color scheme and even can also calculate a very close estimated cost. All these things can be done with the applications on the iPhone.

There are few better creative ideas applications on the iPhone that helps in home decoration.

Dream home:                                      

Dream home is one of the most popular apps among the top 50 apps in iTunes, that is the best source of getting interior decoration ideas. You can zoom each and every picture, so, you can inspect everything very closely. You can even filter all the colors of your choice, can select type, design, room and style and keep everything in a separate folder for convenience. This app will help you in searching all these things.


If one is facing problem in matching and choosing the perfect color for the space then use platters. You can start it by selecting colors from different websites, take photos and then can match the colors related to the scheme.

Multi purpose color app:

There is a multi purpose color app that will help you in designing anything for any special occasion.

iHandy carpenter:

This app will turn your iPhone into a bubble leveler, surface leveler, protector, plumb bob and rule. It is very important to calibrate the iPhone while using because sensors are different from each other, it is an easy test but very important to get an actual reading.

Home Sizer:

This is an ideal app that helps you in solving the problem of space and home construction and also home  mortgage in the future. This app will help you to estimate the cost of your home construction.

Mortgage calculator:

If you are thinking of constructing a new home. Then you may find a mortgage calculator that helps you a lot. If you found that the cost of the mortgage is very high, then reduce the area and this calculator will again calculate it for you. You can perform this task many times as you want until and unless you will get the amount that suits best to your budget per month.


Accurate measurement is very important in dyi-ing and construction. One can get it most accurate and fast with inchCALC, it can easily convert the fractions into decimals, it will save your hardly earned money and precious time.

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