Embroidery Uses in the Home

Embroidery can be incredibly useful in the home, or make a beautiful addition to nearly any room in the house. Your talents can be showcased in the place where you spend the most time, and the embroidery designs utilized to make any room in the house take on color and atmosphere. Some ideas for home use of your embroidery patterns or embroidery designs are

Embroidery Designs in the Home:

*An exciting colorful border on the top sheet or edge of a pillow case can be either full color, or the more subtle white on white embroidery that offers a classic addition to your bedroom.

* Sheer white or cream colored curtains will take on an entirely new look when they are touched by a hem or top vine pattern or random small embroidery design patterns scattered over the ultra thin fabric. Easy to accomplish when you use cross stitch embroidery designs and the tear away embroidery fabric Working each aspect of the design separately will make it a bit more time consuming but the rich classic look that you achieve makes the extra time well worth it.

* Curtain tie backs of linen, either white or colored to match your draperies will offer a touch of class to any type curtains. Embroidery designs or embroidery patterns which are specifically made, or work admirable for tie backs are towel border embroidery patterns, or edging patterns.

*Fingertip towels which are laid loosely in a basket with soaps to match the embroidery pattern on the toweling will say welcome in a unique and pleasing way to guests to your bathroom.

*Kitchen towels can benefit from the addition of a colorful edging that you can make to match your kitchen décor. Towels which have a special area for stitching are available from any good stitching store and are a wonderful addition to your kitchen With the use of specialty tools such as pattern maker software or downloadable embroidery designs, you can turn a simple tea towel into a work of art that visitors will take note of.

*Bath Towels will be far more welcoming and seem more rich and inviting when you use a length of aida cloth and stitch a border design or an embroidery pattern that matches the bathroom. Imagine the delight of your family when they are greeted by a towel with their name or their favorite animal on it when they shower in the morning. Using aida cloth will make the design fully washable. When you’ve finished the stitchery sewing the cloth to the towel is a simple matter, with the nap of the towel hiding the stitching admirably.

*Chair cushions, embroidered in delightful designs to match the colors of your kitchen curtains speak well of your decorating skills, particularly when you take the time to make them yourself.

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