How to build a functional kitchen?

“The kitchen is the heart of the house.” In many homes, this room is like … “a command center”! Every day we spend more or less time there. We prepare meals for the whole family and welcome our guests. Here are some tips on developing this segment of the home in a manner that will make it beautiful and functional at the same time?

1. Functional and convivial kitchen:

Having a beautiful kitchen is good, having a nice kitchen and functional is better! The kitchen has changed and is today a strategic point of the house. It’s not just about being the place where you prepare meals. We cook there, we meet there to talk and we eat there. So, it ought to have a layout that presents a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

2. Drawers: The star storage

It is handy to have frequently used utensils on hand and to store those used for “special occasions” in tall, remote cabinets. It is here that we will favor the use of sliding drawers. These have the real advantage of offering great storage capacity, visibility and easy accessibility. Unlike cupboards that often force to shift a stack of plates or glasses to reach the dish or glass that you need to set your table, it is really easy to navigate with drawers.

3. Worktop, Floor & Walls:

In addition to the layout of the cupboards, the height of the worktops is also essential. It must always be adapted to the size of the family members. Different heights should be provided for persons measuring 165 cm and for those taller than 180 cm. In case people using the kitchen are of various sizes, it is necessary to find a settlement to satisfy everyone.

4. When talking about a worktop,

it is important to pay attention to the structure and the material from which it will be designed. Remember, this is a surface that needs to be durable and easy to maintain. Why? Because it is the most intensely exploited kitchen element. This also concerns the walls. They must be easy to maintain and resistant to moisture and possible projections. The current trend is to use the same material on trays and walls.

5. Lighting and electrical outlets:

Lighting plays a vital role in the kitchen. A single point of illumination in the middle of the ceiling is not enough. Think of other sources of light. The LED strips under the hanging cabinets, which illuminate the counters directly, are perfect. Also, choose a hood above your cooking plates with an extra lamp, but do not forget the most important. Nothing can replace the light of day! In the kitchen, the Pixel model allows you to save up to 22% more natural light.
The modern approach to kitchen implies a stylish profile that offers utility. All the above-mentioned design elements can introduce this modern appeal to your kitchen subtly and seamlessly. This effort sure seems like a hassle but rust us it is worth a shot!

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