The Trends of Interior Decoration in 2019

What can you expect in the field of interior design in 2019? After years of white domination, color is back. In addition to walls, tiles, or wallpapers and patterned fabrics, the interior design elements will also be colorful! In the coming months, furniture with oval shapes and matt surfaces, but also ultramodern triangular tiles will appear in the trendy decoration. But that’s not all. Other novelties await lovers of interior decoration. We present to you a guide of trends in interior design that will be the stars of 2019.

Trendy Burgundy Wall 2019:

The colors will occupy not only the walls of rooms or trendy lounges. They will manifest in kitchens much more often than before. In 2019, the facades of kitchen furniture in bright lacquered white, which were fashionable until now, will be replaced by dark-colored matte doors. Among the colors, which are sure to appear in the offer of kitchen furniture manufacturers, we will find not only navy blue and dark green but also black and burgundy.

Trendy Kitchen 2019:

As for the work plans, no revolution is expected in 2019 – although the popularity of marble and granite worktops is declining, the black marble models will be much appreciated by the decorators. Following the 2019 trends in interior design, worktops in dark quartz, polished concrete and terrazzo will also appear in our kitchens.

The End of the Hexagone Tiles:

Significant changes can be expected in tiles. The hexagonal models, popular in recent years, will give way in 2019 triangular tiles without reason. On floors and walls, the terrazzo will be back, but not only in the bathroom or kitchen. It can be found in slabs or cast, and it will be characterized by pastel colors and interesting patterns resulting from the use of large pieces of aggregates.

Rounds and Color – Trendy Salon 2019:

How to create a trend lounge 2019? In addition to the colorful walls, think of furniture with rounded corners. The round-shaped furniture, fashionable especially in the 1970s in the United States, comes in refreshed versions.

A Modern Look on Windows:

In modern homes, the focus will be on a beautiful view of the exterior with window and door carpentry in a minimalist style. This is why particularly large “floor-to-ceiling” glazings without mullions or crosspieces, as well as sliding doors with a slim frame and a large glazed surface,  be particularly popular.

So, in 2019, the world of interior design will be dominated by colors. Scandinavian-style interiors, so popular, featuring a monochromatic palette of colors, dominated by white, gray and black, are relegated to the closet. To create a trendy interior, it will be best to take inspiration from the world’s best decorators and paint the walls in one of the colors of 2019. The colorful pieces such as coral, warm and energetic, the dark green, elegant and serious, caramel brown, clear and neutral, or with fruity tones of red and orange, brownsdeep or delicate pastel shades of green, blue and purple will be particularly popular.

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