Tips to Clean Your Bathroom and Make it Sparkling

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Keeping a house neat and fresh is every woman’s duty and desire. People mostly predict women’s personality from her house how she can manage and keep her house clean. So, they are always in search how they can make their home neat and fresh and how she can decorate her house with new and different ideas. Kitchen and bathrooms require more attention and care to keep them clean. Bathroom is the single area which needs special care and attention while cleaning it. As, It is used everyday so, it gets dirty very easily, every time people are going in and coming out from bathroom. Even a small nook like bathroom suites, vanity units, floors, storage units, counter tops and even wall all the places needs to clean and properly maintained.

The first step that you have to consider while cleaning your bathroom is to makes it sure that vanity and storage units are properly arranged. All the things should be kept in their places in well managed way. Mostly people leave their washroom messy because everyone is in hurry in the morning like toothpaste, tooth brush, hair brush, creams, lotions, makeup items, gel and many other things. So, to make all this easy assign separate places or boxes to each item and place them in order and also instruct all family members to place everything back at its place so, it will make your work easy and that area will also not look messy. It will also be easy for everyone to find things easily and quickly it will save your time and throwing things here and there.

If there are tiles in your bathroom and when you are cleaning them, make sure to clean well and remove all dirt between all the titles as they get dirty easily. Always wash your bathroom with cleaning liquid and warm water; you can also use soft cloth or brush to wipe everything effortlessly. For removing stubborn stain you can use vinegar pour it on cloth and rub it well, firmly as well as gently. You can use any brush or even a toothbrush gives a sparkling look to your bathrooms, you can use an old toothbrush for this purpose it will gives better results. While cleaning bathroom most of the people usually forget to clean the mirror which is very important because if you clean the whole bathroom and leave the mirror unclean you will not get the sparkling and glowing look to your bathroom.

So, cleaning of mirror is as important as the other part of the bathroom, you can use warm water and a soft sponge to remove dirt from the mirror. Pour water on the mirror remove it with sponge and then dried it with cloths. You can repeat this process to all the mirrors of house.

You have to clean your bathroom daily but fix one day for the thorough cleaning of bathroom so, your bathroom will not get that dirty which will be difficult to clean up.

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