Tips to Consider to Achieve a Dream Home

Homes are castles for everyone doesn’t matter how small or large it may be. A home represents the individual taste, personality and styling sense of the residents. In home decoration accessories are selected in combination with home decor or because it possess a special place in hearts of the inhabitants. People usually stylize their castles according to their personal taste and perception. But, there are few tips which should be followed while placing and purchasing accessories in the home.

Theme selection: if you have furniture that is the reflection of old days then, you should have to buy the accessories that have a touch of earlier era or gives a vintage feel. Similarly, if you have furniture with simple and straight lines go for modern lamps and if the furniture has a heavier or curved look choose Indian and Turkish carpets.  If you want to stylize each room with a different theme make sure that all the accessories go with the selected theme. In this way you can create a sense of continuity throughout the entire rooms.

Color section: one of the common and biggest mistake people usually commit is that they select colors that aren’t in coordination with each other. Selection of proper color schemes plays an important role in the decoration of the home. Remember, it should not be a hotchpotch of colors but, should be harmonious medley of hues in home. You can also make use of the accessories to balance color scheme. Moreover, colors should be evenly distributed all over the area without aiming a certain corner.

Select what you love: sometime you may notice that things in fashion may not depict the personal choices and taste of the individual. Always opt accessories that are pleasing to everyone. If you buy a specific piece of art which is loved by majorities then, it should be placed first and rest should take lead from its theme and colors. For instance, heirloom carpet is the best thing that can be focal point on an area and all other accessories and colors should be driven from it.

Accessories should represent a purpose: you often buy decorative items that look smashing in store but, when placed somewhere it don’t co-ordinate with rest of the decoration. Every item should have nostalgic or sentimental value or it should be placed to add colors to the room.  Never over accessories has the place because it may give a messy look.

Correct placing: A systematic or symmetrical arrangement of furniture is usually done for formal rooms while asymmetrical arrangements go for informal bedrooms or lounges. Placing accessories and furniture correctly is immensely important while making an attempt to give a neat, stylish and decked look to home. First arrange the largest pieces then, arrange and coordinate the decorative items around them. Lamps should be source of light and adorn table dressers and tops. Photographs and paintings can be assembled together to attain a focal point in home without making holes in pockets.

Follow the above mention points but, also listen to your heart while decorating your dream home.

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