Ways to Keep Your Leather Sofa Clean and New

Almost all the modern sofas are of different leather materials, as leather is a natural material not synthetic one. Leather is quite reliable and durable, but it also get damaged, tear and wear easily so, special care is needed for leather sofas. Like human skin leather also need proper and regular care to maintain its healthy and natural features. Otherwise its attractive look and color intensity will be lost.  UV sun rays will damage leather very quickly, direct sunlight even darken the leather color. Heat also damages your leather sofas.

  • Always try to place your leather sofa in dry and ventilated place, also protect it from direct sunlight, don’t place sofa below air condition it will crack, fade and even harden the leather.
  • You can clean this sofa with soft cloth or towel slightly dumped, to remove dirt and dust. Do not use water on leather, for removing stain from the surface you can use protective spray and leather lotion. It will create a protective layer over the sofa and will protect it from getting stained. Before buying it is highly recommended to check the spray and lotion on some hidden area to avoid any damage.
  • Do not use soap on leather sofa or any cleaning detergent. If you will try to wash the sofa to remove stain it will cause more damage, so, try to remove them with clean and wet sponge or cloth and then leave it in air to dry naturally.
  • If any beverage is spill on leather sofa first with sponge or cloth stuck it then remove it with damp cloth.
  • Grease stain will be removed with dry cloth. The best way is instead of wipe up first tab, then blot. It will prevent the grease from spreading to surrounding places. Then with leather lotion removes all the grease.
  • Dyes are easily absorbed by leather, so keep away ink, pen and grease from leather sofa.
  • Leather got scratches quite readily so, avoid any kind of scratch by avoiding sharp objects. In case of minor scratches you can remove them by rubbing that place immediately with fingers.
  • By taking the help of any professional you can also repair any small crack or hole.
  • You can clean it with damp cloth or towel to remove all the dirt in daily routine.
  • Before using any method of cleaning for your sofa first makes it sure what kind of leather is used in this sofa then select the methods and products according to the nature of that leather. Like in case of suede the above mentioned cleaning methods are not similar. Suede is very delicate so, its caring is more delicate then it.  Dry stain will be removed with pencil eraser, while in case of other kinds of marks you can use brush or damp towel; there are special brushes for suede. For cleaning suede product, white vinegar in very small quantity is enough to clean it with cloth to remove the stains. For suede special cleanser are used.
  • Also do not use leather lotion more frequently on leather because it may crack, it can be used after three months.
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