How To Choose Genuine Amber Jewelry Over Imitation Amber Jewelry

Copal Madagasacr

Amber is available in a wide range of styles and colors, it is one of the warm and a great colored jewelry that is perfect to fit with any outfit. Technically, it is not a gemstone, the natural beauty and color of amber make it an efficient and highly prized gem in the jewelry collection. While buying an amber jewelry there are various factors that need to be considered before making a decision. It depends on your personal taste and budget that either you want a deep red brown or yellow color. Either you wish for an original amber or an imitation.

As it is stated that original amber is not a real stone, in fact it is produced from the sap of fossilized tree. Amber is available in five different categories that is based on their chemical composition. Amber is available in various colors but the most famous amber colors is a deep red like dark brown and yellow but many other colors are also available. Based on its resin, it’s also available in colors like white, deep colors and dark black. In some of the rare cases the ultraviolet rays changed the composition of amber and change it into blue, green and red.

Baltic amber is one of the genuine form of amber and it is mostly found in Baltic area that is available in white and orange brown. That gives it a clear and flawless tone. The best Baltic amber has very few internal cracks and marbling and has very bright and clear color. Many of the women like to choose flawless amber pendants to enhance their beauty with the clarity of the stone.

The jewelry of true amber is very attractive while jewelry of fake amber has been just an eye catching and people displayed it very perfectly to catch the attention. That makes people confuse which one is fake and which is the real one. Replica amber jewelry is usually made from dyes and plastic. It is also made from copal which is a tree resin but is not fossilized.

For identifying the real and fake amber jewelry the easiest and fastest test is hot pint. Insert a hot pin in the stone, the burnt of amber will tell you about the genuine and the fake one. A real amber will give you a burning smell asap while a fake amber gives you a plastic smell. Some of the people do not like this test as they did not want to damage their stone so, there are many other ways through which one can take the test like checking with static electricity, amber is a good conductor while plastic is not a conductor so, it will show a reaction to friction. For a few seconds rubs the jewelry with a soft cloth, then pick a paper scrap, if paper moves or sticks then you have a real amber jewelry if this does not happen it means you are dealing with copal or plastic.

Amber jewelry is a unique and beautiful jewelry piece for all jewelry  and fashion lovers, amber ring, pendant or bracelet everything look stunning.

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