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Fashion Jewellery, also known as costume jewellery is manufactured as decoration to complement a specific fashionable outfit or garment. Initially, the fashion jewellery was considered as a cheaper and disposable accessory to be wear with the certain piece of clothing. It was basically used by the people for the short period of time such as on certain occasions of wedding or parties. So, this is basically used in fashion opposite of the real jeweler that is purchased for the sake of investment, keepsakes or collectibles. The fashion jeweler is usually made of light and inexpensive material such as base metals, plastic, glass or synthetic and cheap gem stones including Lucite, rhinestones, brass, silver or nickel. Many of the modern fashion jewellery also comprises of various other materials such as cubic zirconia, high end crystals and simulated diamonds in the place of precious stones. The trend of using of leather and wood is also increasing these days.

Hollywood movies played an important role in the popularization of the fashion jewellery. The famous female actresses of mid nineteenth century used to wear and endorsed different items of jewellery made by different designers. Many advertisement companies were also one of the factors behind the success of such jewelleries among female especially young girls. Moreover the easy availability of different designs of matching fashion jewellery also helped the women to select and match the appropriate jewellery set for them.

The concept of wearing jewellery is common throughout the world but is frequently used among the Asians women. They use them in different occasions and ceremonies matching with the dress. The sets are mostly quite heavy and antique. As the class structure in Asia and other continents are changed, the trend of real jewellery also started diminishes. Women form different class, including the working class women could have a choice of wearing a small set of jewellery or any item of it. The women prefer fashion jewellery over the real as they are affordable and stylish. These days, the high end fashion jewellery attained a collectible status and its value has increased over time. There is a considerable secondary market for fashion jewellery especially in Asia.

The fashion jewellery is considered as a distinct category of fashion business and represents different characteristics of self sufficient industry. The manufacturers of fashion jewellery are situated over the world especially in the areas of China and India, as these places are dominated by the trade of such goods. The fashion jewellery can be purchased from any physical shop or online, as many designers offer this service even on internet. All relevant details such as price, colors, size and pieces in a set are mentioned. Interested women can match the set with their outfits and order it. The facility is especially beneficial for the working women as they are quite busy and do not get time to go out in the market and search for the desired fashion jewellery. They can simply select the set and get it by sitting in their homes.

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