Simple and Easy Tips To Cleanse and Care Your Silver Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most important parts of any lady’s personality and every lady must want to have it in her everyday use from casual to formal wear. Jewelry is of different materials some like to wear gold, some like artificial jewelry and other loves to have silver jewelry which is quite affordable and are available in various designs and colors. Jewelry ornaments are precious and are fashionable. They are long lasting if you take care of it properly, they will serves you for many years. Here, you will read few general and simple tips that one will use to take care of their valuable jewelry, with these tips and tricks one can apply for caring your silver jewelry items.

Tips to Cleanse and Care Silver Jewelry:

Consider it as a rule to keep all the jewelry pieces in separate pouches that has a soft lining. The main reason of doing this is as everything like gemstone, metals, metals alloys everything has a different nature and hardness. It may get scratched when touch to any other material. Some materials will be soft while others will be hard and the hard one may affect the softness of another. If it gets scratched on it the only remedy is to re-polish it. While re-polishing will cause a bit loss of metals.

Another good tip that includes in caring for silver jewelry is use deodorant and perfume before putting silver jewelry. Some kinds of gems like corals and pearls get damaged and discolored with deodorants and perfume.

While cleaning the jewelry it may break or crack its precious gem stone under pressure. While using ultrasonic methods for cleaning the jewelry you must have to be careful. Most of the silver jewelry is studded with gemstone and silver, there are a few other points that everyone must have to keep in mind that are associated with these jewelry pieces. Because of oxidation, silver has the tendency to become dull. So, it is very important to consider those methods which do not affect its color. Few harsh chemicals such as ammonia and alcohol can affect the piece to an extent that can’t be repaired. So, it’s important to start with mild cleansing detergents  such as diluting baking soda in water a liquid detergent should be used. Most of the people advised to use toothpaste like a cleaning detergent. This method is best to keep the jewelry item away from scratches and tarnishing.

There are various cleansing polishes and sprays available in the market, that can be used for cleansing your silver jewelry. All kinds of sprays are available easily in the market at quite affordable prices, cleansing paste for silver jewelry is another good option.  Apply the spray or polish on the jewelry item and cleanse it. Avoid using the cleansing paste or spray on the gemstones as some silver are studded in the silver jewelry. These items may get damaged. Make use of soft clothes for cleansing the piece, after spraying and cleaning it allow it to dry for some time. It will regain the actual glory of the product.

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