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If you ask a woman that what is the thing that you like the most, then out of many things one would be make up. It is one of the things that women of all ages love to do. The best thing in a woman’s arsenal, according to a woman, would be a make up kit. What is the thing which really forces a woman to opt for make up? God has gifted women with immense beauty. Humans came up with a way to enhance this beauty and make the features of a woman’s face look much more beautiful. This way was applying make up. Make up and make up kits have gained immense popularity amongst women and it is considered customary for women to dress up and make up well, for attending parties and functions. You go in any part of the world, you will find that make up forms part of a woman for any function or ceremony. Though the style of make up differs for every part but the basics are the same.

Over the years hundreds of companies have come up with different sorts of make up items. It includes toners, foundations, blush on and many more. Using a make up kit is not difficult but you must follow some tips while applying the items for the safety of your skin and to enhance the effect of make up:-

The skin tone must be taken into consideration before opting for any make up shade. The tone and shade should match with each other. Some women look good in purple shade and some look good in blue. Then women also go for orange and yellow shades. It really depends on the skin that it shines with which shade and you should judge it well.

You must wash and clean your face and neck thoroughly before applying make up. This would give you a clean base to work with. By doing this the dirt will be removed and there would be no chance of the pores getting blocked.

A toner should be used after washing the face.

You should have a good set of brushes for applying the make up. They should not be hard so as to avoid damage to your skin.

You must take particular care of the time of the day when the make up is being done. For an evening make up you can use blue shade and for normal daytime you can use neutral make up.

You should also apply a moisturizer on your lips before you apply lipstick. This would give a much better look to the lips.

Make up is an activity of fun and joy for women. But women should also know the right way of doing so. This would help them look much more beautiful and glamorous.

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