Beautiful Mehndi or Henna Designs

The art of applying mehndi is very popular and practiced by many mehndi artists. These artists are so professional at their work that they don’t need any help in creating mehndi designs. All they do is hold the mehndi cone in one hand, and let their imagination go wild to create beautiful mehndi designs on the other person’s hands. All they require is a few minutes to create enthralling designs that leave anyone in awe.

In case you are not a professional mehndi artist, but would love to learn the art of applying mehndi, you will find some beautiful mehndi designs in mehndi design books. These books provide step by step instructions for applying mehndi.

Better to first practice on paper

Some books first show how to start a mehndi design which is usually by drawing vertical straight lines which are followed by various popular motifs that are regularly used by most mehndi designers.

In case of amateurs who want to learn how to apply mehndi, it is better to practice the designs first on paper and not directly on hands. Basically, applying beautiful mehndi depends mostly on your creativity and practice. The more creative you are, the more innovative designs you find automatically flowing into your mind.

Types of mehndi designs

These mehndi design books generally have beautiful mehndi designs that are either Arabic or Indian in concept. These Arabic and Indian mehndi designs are the two most popular types of mehndi designs in India.

However, there are basically 4 types of mehndi designs to choose from. The Indian style that include fingertips getting completely covered in henna, the Pakistan style that is complex, intricate and time consuming, the African designs which comprise of geometrical figures and dots and Arabic designs that consist of medium sized leaf, vine and flower motifs.

Mehndi for your feet

Besides finding mehndi designs for your hands, most mehndi design books also have beautiful mehndi designs you can apply on your feet. These books are generally dedicated books which are easily available in the market and local book store at reasonable prices. If you really love applying mehndi, and want to master the art of applying mehndi, all you have to d is buy a few books with mehndi designs and practice the designs here. Soon, you find yourself improving and perfecting the art of applying mehndi.

You find that each of these beautiful mehndi designs have its own beauty and charm. Consequently, the resulting designs you create on your hands and feet are beautiful and ranges from orange to red and dark maroon shades.

The internet has beautiful mehndi designs

Besides books, you can use the internet to look for an even more varied range of beautiful mehndi designs. There are many sites here that offer mehndi designs for you to download. You then use these patterns as a guide to apply your chosen design.

Of course, to create beautiful mehndi designs, you have to first use a good mehndi dispenser to apply mehndi. You can choose between using plastic cones, jacquard bottles or paint brushes for applying mehndi. Just make sure that the flow of henna is smooth and not messy so that you can effortlessly sport some royal, grand and beautiful mehndi designs.

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