Benefits of Henna or Mehndi for Hair

Having long, shiny, healthy and strong hair is a dream for many women. In Asian countries most of the women prefer oiling and hair masks for their hair. Oiling and massaging are great methods to make your hair look strong and healthy. But still there are many men and women who want to improve their hair’s health. If you are one of those in pursuit of tips to make their hair look healthy, shiny and long at the same time and they don’t want to dig in unhealthy, artificial hair products then henna is the best option for them.

Being popularly known as ‘Mehndi’, it is derived from the green leaves of the plant henna. In many Asian countries and some other parts of the world henna has been in use for a variety of purposes. Henna is usually applied to the hands, feet, hair as well as on other parts of the body to keep them cool especially in hot, temperate places. The products made out of henna are widely accepted as natural products. Since ages henna has been used as a great and natural hair conditioner. It is no wonder that people use them for a wide array of purposes such as shampoo, hair color, conditioners etc.

Henna as Hair Conditioner:

Among the many conditioning effects of henna, it’s effect on strengthening hair from root to the tip are not unknown to many of us. In addition to this, with its anti-fungal properties it is able to cut down on the development of lice and dandruff. Scalp infection is drastically reduced with henna since it works against bacteria responsible for this.  Most of the hair and beauty salons prefer henna for a variety of hair care treatments because of its natural conditioning properties. For someone who has always had tight curls and thick hair on their head, henna makes them soft and easy to brush.

Henna as Hair Color:

The best part about using henna as a hair color is that the overall effect doesn’t appear like synthetic, artificial and metallic dyes that are so rampant these days. It gives a deep, dark red color every time it is applied. Unlike hair dyes henna’s color lasts for months on hair and one do not feel to dye their hair every 2 weeks or 10 days. One can actually control the level of redness with each application. Also, for those who want to introduce lighter tones in their hair, henna is a great choice for it gives a red tone along with a shining that you yearn for in your hair.

The quantity of henna for application depends entirely on the length on your hair. Almost 50gm henna powder is more than enough for medium long hair. So henna is economical option for hair care and conditioning as compared to artificial means. Get rid of synthetic hair treatments and go for henna as it is a natural remedy for a number of hair problems.

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