Easy Mehndi or Henna Designs

Women have been applying mehndi for years together. In fact, the application of mehndi is not only fashionable; it is also an age old custom that has been passed on from one generation to the other. No Indian celebration or wedding is complete without women wearing mehndi and sporting orange colored hands.

The art of applying mehndi has evolved with time and there are now women who apply and wear intricate, beautiful and exquisite mehndi designs. However despite there being so many new and fancy designs to choose from, there are still who love applying easy mehndi designs on their hands.

Easiest mehndi designs

The easiest of mehndi designs involves covering the finger tips with mehndi and then creating a basic floral or any simple design in the center of the palm. It is usually the older women who prefer these designs as unlike the younger, present generation, they don’t have the patience to sit through the application of an intricate mehndi design that may reach up to the arms.

As the name suggests, easy mehndi designs are easy to do and don’t require or involve too much of detailing. They are not as strenuous to apply as intricate and delicate designs too, and can be applied by even those who don’t have an artistic hand at drawing mehndi designs.

There are some women who prefer wearing easy mehndi designs as they are limited to the palm, where the color eventually turns out to be a beautiful orange. A typical easy design is one with a small circle in the middle of the palm which is surrounded by smaller circles like the many planets and satellites orbiting around the earth.

Medicinal values too

Not only does mehndi look great on the hands to add to the beauty of the woman, even easy mehndi designs are applied for its medicinal reasons too. When applied, mehndi helps deal with skin problems and is also effective at cooling the skin.

Besides the traditional circles on hands, there are many other easy mehndi designs you can try out. If you don’t have the time or patience to draw intricate mehndi designs, all you have to do is refer a book with simple mehndi designs and apply the chosen design. If you don’t have a book, don’t fret, there are various sites on the internet offering easy mehndi designs.

Look online

Just type the word ‘easy mehndi designs’ on your popular browser and you will be provided with a list of sites that have pictures of easy mehndi designs. You just have to go through the designs and choose some designs to download from the internet.

If you are good at drawing you can use the pattern as a guide for applying mehndi; however if you are new at drawing and applying mehndi, you can make things easier by transferring the design directly to the hand using carbon paper. Besides picking up pictures from the internet or easy mehndi designs books, beginners can also use pre-fabricated stencils of mehndi designs to apply mehndi designs.

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