Easy Steps to get a Dark Color from Mehndi or Henna

Mehndi is a paste that is applied by women over their hands and feet to have temporary tattoos to beautify themselves. This is a tradition that has been going on for thousands of years. The paste is made by adding water to the powder of mehndi leaves. Mehndi is a natural product that has been a part of Asian culture and tradition. It is considered very auspicious and a symbol of love. This is why auspicious occasions like festivals ad marriages are considered incomplete without the use of this product.
Mehndi is applied on the various body parts of a bride, especially her hands and feet on a pre wedding ceremony called mehndi that is celebrated with much gaiety and festivities in the house of the bride. This event is like a bachelor party that is celebrated in western cultures before marriage by groom and his male friends. The only difference is that during mehndi, it is the female friends and relatives who make merry with songs and dances and foods. A professional who knows how to apply mehndi in artistic patterns on hands and feet is called to let all guests get mehndi applied on their hands. This is the day when hands and feet of the bride are decorates in rich designs with mehndi paste that she has to let remain on her body for several hours to stain.
There is a saying that the richer or darker the stain on the body of the bride, the more she is loved by her husband and mother in law. This is the reason why it is the desire of every bride to have mehndi applied in such a fashion that it leaves behind a deep color on her body. The following is a procedure that makes sure that mehndi color after drying is dark and rich.

How to get a Dark Color from Mehndi or Henna:

There is mehndi oil available in the market that can be applied on hands and feet before mehndi is applied with the help of a cone. This oil is believed to help in darkening the color of the mehndi. However, one can get a dark color even without using this oil.
Let the artist apply mehndi making intricate patterns on your hand and feet. Afterwords, mix one tea spoon of lemon juice in a bowl with one teaspoon sugar. See to it that this sugar gets dissolved in the lemon juice. With the help of cotton, apply this mixture on all body parts where mehndi paste has been applied. However, make sure that you do this only when mehndi has dried up a bit and do not use much pressure.
Let mehndi remain for 3-4 hours and upon drying, remove mehndi using nothing but your own hands. Remember; you must not put your hands and feet under water for removing mehndi.
Take mustard oil and rub generously on your hands and feet. Leave this oil on your body overnight.
By morning, you can hope to see a bright maroon colored stain on your hands and feet.

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