Henna or Mehndi- A Natural And Effective Hair Dye

Women across the globe irrespective of their age and face structure dye their hair for innumerable reasons to abolish the traditional black color and bring some change and life into their appearance and to move in equal pace with the changing fashion trends. Some of the women select their own favorite dyes from the markets while some women hire a makeup expert to get it done aptly.

Ladies who love to color their hair regularly are of course the fashion savvy; they always go for the brand that meets their specifications. Women having regular hair dye are well aware about the colors that match their complexion and personality. However, ladies who dye hair occasionally have to face difficulty while going for hair color. It is because of the fact that they are unaware of the final outcomes of a particular shade and brand. For example, an application of a dark brown shade on your jet black hair may result your head into dark brownish color which gives a look of black shade. So, if you urge a light brownish crown then, the selection of the lighter brown color is perfect for the jet black crown.

Hair color not only gives a perfect look but, also gives a softer and supple hair feel. Moreover, it also enriches the scalp with necessary nutrients and gives a fresh cool look. The fancy and quality brands available at supermarkets are nice choices but, you have to be careful about the selection of the color and the brand. The color box comprises of proper instructions, gloves, a dispenser, dye and has liquid mixture and a brush.

Women urging to keep up with their natural fresh looks and beauty and want to stop their aging process, intelligently try various natural remedies that repel the white steaks to become visible. Countless number of gents and ladies in East Asia prefer Henna. It is a natural dye and is known as Mehndi in local language. Ready-made henna is available in small sachet that has proper usage details and gives a brown color. Different people mix different ingredients to bring out their desired results. Henna lovers across the Globe customize this natural dye to boost their fancies and whims.

Apart from the particular henna manufactured for hair, there is another one that is available in cone and is meant to be used on skin for making floral tattoos and other designs. This henna can also be used as a dye and after application on hair all the hair is wrapped in bun style and is usually covered with a shower cap for a few hours. Henna is usually washed out with quality regular shampoo, henna also works as a good conditioner.

There is a popular fallacy about cone henna that it is dangerous for hair but, it is wrong. Though, some people may face hair fall but, it is normal after results of hair dye. In short, henna makes a perfect hair dye and gives world class colors that remains for about 6-7 months and sometimes even more.

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