Indian and Arabic Mehndi / Henna Designs

Mehndi is a natural product that has been used by mankind since time immemorial in certain cultures. It has been used to decorate body parts and also to color hair by both men and women in many Asian countries as well as Muslim countries in the Arab world. Mehndi is a natural colorant and a great conditioner for hair. It also has some medicinal properties. However, the fact that it is considered auspicious makes it extremely important in several cultures. This is why decoration of hands and feet of brides and in general by girls during special occasions and festivals has become so important in India, Pakistan, and many other Muslim countries.

Arabic designs have large empty spaces with solid dots of henna

Though Indian and Pakistani mehndi designs are extremely popular, Arabic mehndi designs have also gained popularity of late. If one tries to find a distinction between Indian and Arabic designs, he finds that while Arabic designs are very bold and floral in nature, it is Indian designs that have a lot more intricacy.  Arabic designs may not be intricate but they look mesmerizing just by the use of outlines and dots and lines inside large spaces. Arabic designs are popular as they are easy to apply on one’s hand in comparison to Indian designs. One more feature of Arabic mehndi designs is that these designs are not very large and leave skin exposed making it easier for a woman to apply them on hands and feet.

There is a recent trend of fusing Indian and Arabic mehndi styles these days where one can find a combination of bold Arabic structures and intricacy of the Indian designs inside these structures. This fusion creates stunning mehndi designs that have gained currency in present times in many Asian countries. However, there are loyal fans of both Indian and Arabic style of mehndi designs who do not compromise and go with their favorite designs.

Indian designs are not dominated by floral patterns alone

Arabic designs are small in the sense that they do not cover entire hand and feet. As far as hands are concerned, these designs hardly go past palms and the skin of the hand remains exposed. These designs mostly include floral patterns made on the palm and even in this small area, the pattern is such that it looks big. Though there are Indian designs that are also floral, there are also paisley and lacy designs other than floral patterns in Indian mehndi patterns. Peacocks and figures of human beings dominate Indian mehndi designs.

In Arabic designs, there are lots of dots that look like mehndi dropped at a single place. This gives the appearance of solid color in large areas whereas even small spaces are intricately filled with motifs and designs in Indian mehndi patterns.

In the end though, it would suffice to say that no one design is better or more beautiful and there are lovers of both Indian as well as Arabic mehndi designs. For those who find it difficult to choose between the either, it is better to go with a fusion style.

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