Mehndi (Henna) for Hair Dying and Conditioning

Mehndi is a natural product that has been used to decorate various body parts, especially hands and feet of women in Asian cultures for thousands of years. However, mehndi is also a very good product to be used on one’s hair for not only coloring but also for conditioning of hair. Being natural, there are no harmful effects of mehndi. This is why both men and women can apply this wonderful product on their heads without any worries. It is common to find men and women with hair dyed with mehndi on the streets of Asian countries. Men even color their beards that have turned white with mehndi.

Mehndi is known for centuries to have ingredients that are beneficial for the health of our hair. It is a great hair conditioner that improves the quality of hair and also makes them strong, lustrous, and healthy. Mehndi powder has the potential to make hair silkier and bouncier if it is used on one’s hair frequently for some time. One has to apply pure mehndi or he can use the powder and mix with other herbs to get the desired results. As mehndi also colors hairs, it is better to do a stand test by applying the paste of mehndi powder on  few strands of your hair to check if the color you are getting is OK or not. It is possible to lighten the color tone by mixing other ingredients.

Mehndi is great for coloring hair, especially if your natural hair color is light. In fact, for blonde hair, henna works as a great tool to give the desired streaking and highlighting. Using mehndi on blonde hair can give stunning red streaks to women in very inexpensive manner as colors available n the markets have become very pricey. Hair colors make use of ammonia and other chemicals that can have harmful effects on one’s hairs. This is why it makes sense to use mehndi on hair for not just coloring but also for conditioning and general health of hairs. There are women having allergy to some chemicals used in hair color products. They can use mehndi products without any worries. In fact, so safe is mehndi that it can be used even during pregnancy without any worries about the safety of the baby.

There are many benefits of using mehndi to improve the health condition of one’s hair.

  • It is believed to aid in hair growth, making it perfect for people who are experiencing any kind of air loss.
  • Mehndi works as a polish making hair shine with luster.
  • Mehndi is a natural colorant and in some cases, turns hair almost black. This is great for people experiencing graying of hair.
  • Mehndi prevents and treats some scalp infections
  • Mehndi is helpful in fighting dandruff.
  • Mehndi works as a natural relaxant and allows the user to have sound sleep at nights.

So the next time you look at a bride having applied mehndi in her hands and feet, remember that it can be used to bring wonderful results for your hair also.

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