Mehndi (Henna) Designs for a Bride

No Indian or Pakistani wedding is complete without Mehndi. In fact it is considered to be a bad omen if a bride is not wearing mehidni or if the design of the mehndi gets spoilt. In fact a lot of old women can determine the longevity and depth of the marriage, just by having a glance at your mehndi. A little birdie tells us that darker the shade and color of mehndi, the more are the chances that you hubby dearest will love you and hence your wedding will be life long and filled with love. But that is just superstition, or is it?

As a young bride to be, you may be bustling with various ideas. No matter how averse we are to the idea of having Henna on your palms, each of us must have dreamt of the day when we would act all shy and coy and a professional Mehndi designer would trace awesome designs on our palms. With the names of the groom written secretly in the design and later on making the groom to find those words out, along side letting him hold your hand for as long as he wants, oh, applying mehndi is not just a tradition, it is a form of playful celebration of a marriage that is about to be.

Earlier the entire mehndi ceremony was conducted in the household. Often, there would be music and dance to add to the mood of celebration. Most probably your best friend or your sister or your cousin etc would apply mehndi on your hands. However, now a lot of people prefer having a professional Mehndi designer come straight away from the top notch beauty parlors and apply mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride. If you want your mehndi to last long and not cause you any sort of allergic reaction, itching etc, you should also think of calling a professional Mehndi artist to your home.

A mehndi artist is skillful in his work area. He has already traced beautiful patterns on the hands and feet of various brides and thus, he is most unlikely to make any goof ups, when it comes to applying Mehndi on your hand. Besides, these professional mehndi artists have their own way of mixing the contents of the henna. They get mehndi which is thick and enriched with beautiful smelling ingredients. Since the mehndi which they bring is of good quality and definitely unadulterated, it ends up lasting longer than the other hennas.

Besides, these mehndi artists are really creative in their work. From attractive traditional designs, to highly contemporary and chic designs, these mehndi artists shall be able to trace any design on your palms. Off lately we have seen brides getting a way too experimental with their wedding designs. One of the recent brides which we saw had the entire wedding ceremonies traced on her arms, hands, legs and feet. And should we even say? It looked spectacular. Thus, be your creative best and get the most gorgeous and awe inspiring mehndi on the D-Day. Contact a professional mehndi artist, right now.

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