Mehndi or Henna for Hair

The art of applying henna in hands and feet is known as Mehndi  and it is a very old custom and art form of India. Indian weddings are incomplete without the Mehndi  ceremony and because of the red tinge appear after application, and people use to color their grey hair. Mehndi  is the traditional art of adorning the hands and feet with a paste made from the finely ground leaves of the henna plant. The art form remains the same as it was several years before it started. It is beautiful and exquisite, the way it stains the fair complexion skin.

It is natural and has no side effects on sensitive skin too as in the case of other coloring agents that consist of chemicals. These chemicals suite for coloring grey hair for some people and few of them find this to be allergic. Mehndi  ingredients are quite natural and acceptance to all is common.     The dry henna powder and other ingredients are made paste, and this Mehndi  for hair is a very good substitute to commercial hair color. Mehndi  for hair will not give your hair the fixed red tinge if it is used properly. It has also had medicinal properties as a reliever.

Henna is used for hair dye and a good remedy for grey hair. It can also be used as a conditioner after washing hair. It has the property to cure skin irritation and rashes. Henna treatment or applying Mehndi  for hair has become common now and both men and women enjoy coloring their hair with Mehndi . The way you have to color your grey hair or normal hair is given below.
Always use best quality hair Mehndi . Take an iron vessel .Take 250 grams Mehndi , 2 spoons amla powder, 2 spoons shikakai powder, 2 spoons Aretha powder. Mix all of these together. Dissolve half a cup of coffee powder in water and boil it. When it cools, mix all the ingredients and make a smooth paste. Keep this paste aside for 12 hours. Cover yourself with a cloth around your shoulders, ears and use gloves to apply Mehndi  in order to avoid spoiling your clothes and hands. Take care that Mehndi  does not touch your ears or face, because the color will remain for few days. Before applying to hair, add some curd to it. You can also use an egg instead of curd. Washing of hair should be as follows.
Hair should be washed thoroughly with shampoo and no oil content should be there before applying the Mehndi  for hair paste. After application you have to wait for four hours and then wash your hair. You should not use shampoo for your hair washing after applying the Mehndi  for hair. Wash your hair with plain water. Take this treatment once in every 15 days regularly to darken your grey hair and you will look young. People with normal hair both men and women can apply the same way to have a red tinge added to the black color. This can be done either in parlors or at home easily in their leisure time. Since henna has the cooling property, this treatment can be taken at weekends after a week’s tiresome busy work.

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