Mehndi or Henna: Glory on the Hands of the Bride

Marriage is perhaps the most important day in the life of a girl all over the world. However, it becomes all the more important for a bride when an entire day is celebrated in her honor by all her female friends and relatives at her home a few days before the actual marriage ceremony. This is called the mehndi ceremony, an event where the bride is the centre of attraction of all activities and the rest of the womenfolk enjoy and make merry by singing and dancing folk songs. Just search for mehndi ceremony on Google and you are sure to come up with vivid images of a girl with her hands and feet decorated with a special pattern. The reddish purple stain on her hands is a result of mehndi paste having been left on her hands for a few hours.

Mehndi is not just a powder, it is much more than that

The tradition of mehndi is very old in Indian subcontinent. Mehndi powder is not just a powder but a very special thing for a bride as it attempts to glorify the bride. No bride is complete without the dark stain of mehndi in beautiful and intricate patterns on her hands and feet and this is the reason why it is difficult to find a bride without mehndi. It is an integral part of a wedding ceremony and no less important than the bridal dress, makeup or jewellery. In fact, the reason why most brides wear maroon colored lehnga is because it matches well with the shade of the mehndi on their hands and feet. Even bridal jewellery is chosen keeping in mind the shape and extent of the mehndi design that the bride has carefully selected for her marriage.

Deeper color signifies more love from husband

The charm of mehndi lies not just in the fact that it makes a bride look more beautiful but also because of several sayings that hold significance in the life of a bride. It is said that the richer and deeper the color of mehndi on the hands of a bride, the more love she is likely to receive from her husband. This is not all as it is also said that the bride will be showered with lots of love from her mother in law if mehndi leaves a rich stain on her hands. This makes a bride try all methods that can darken the color of mehndi on hands and feet.

No matter how modern or fashion conscious a bride, she is sure to follow the advice of her elders on her marriage. This is why mehndi retains its importance in all weddings in Indian and Pakistani cultures. After all, it is a matter of grabbing the centre stage and mehndi provides the opportunity to be a centre of attraction to a bride just like her bridal jewellery and bridal attire.

There is an entire day dedicated to mehndi before the marriage of a girl in India and Pakistan.  Womenfolk enjoy good food and sing and dance to celebrate the event of the bride being applied with mehndi on her hands and feet.

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