4 Top Mobile Phones for Ladies – Best Cell Phones for Girls

Mobile phones become the basic need of today’s generation and it is completely impossible to move around without carrying a cell phone. No doubt, Smartphones have beautifully changed the life of the individuals but, still love for simple mobile phones never fades. The days are gone when a cell phone was only limited to business geeks or the masculine beauty, today a woman’s life can be completed without cosmetics but, not without a mobile. Working ladies make use of the cellphone to maintain things, keep notes and get in touch with their friends and family. Apart from working ladies household women are badly addicted to it.

Studies have suggested that cell phones are largely used by the children and ladies. Mobile is a best source of entertainment for ladies and they can kill their time by listening to songs and watching videos. The increasing use of mobile especially by the feminine beauty has motivated the mobile manufacturing brands to come up with some vibrant, enchanting and simple mobile phones. Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, HTC and similar other brands are working hard to design a simple yet functional handset for ladies. This article enlists some of the handy, inexpensive and highly functional handset for all the ladies out there.

Mobile Phones for Ladies:

Top Mobile Phone for Ladies 1 – Nokia 5230:

This eye catching cell phone is an ideal choice for ladies of all ages. It is not only popular for its cutting edge technology but, is also known for its outstanding design and easy user interface. Moreover, it brings the world of entertainment and fun to your fingertips. It is best for making calls, SMS and using social networks. Above all its 2 MP camera make it an apt choice for the photo lovers. You can also customize it with mind-blowing cases in wide array of colors and designs.

Top Mobile Phone for Ladies  2- Nokia ASHA series:

Nokia has contributed beyond words in making marvelous handsets for ladies. The series of ASHA i.e. 303, 305, 306, 311 and 200, 202, 205, 206 are the models that worth to be mentioned here. All these cell phones have outstanding camera, sms and call facilities. Moreover, user can easily browse the internet and can communicate with family and friends easily. These cell phones are available in an array of colors and one can opt the one that boost your style and personality.

Top Mobile Phone for Ladies  3 – Samsung Monte S5620:

It is one of the best and perfect mobile for ladies. It has a touch interface that is easy to use for making calls and sending short messages. It has 3.2MP camera and has everything that is necessary for entertainment. It supports Bluetooth, WI-fi, radio and one can customize it by downloading myriad of apps from the Samsung app store.

Top Mobile Phone for Ladies  4 – Samsung Champ C3303K:

It is another masterpiece from Samsung. Its beautiful and stylish pink, white and black color makes it ideal for ladies especially teenage girls love to have it in pink color. It has 1.3 MB camera and has all features that a woman can urge for.

The above mentioned mobile sets are not only functional but, are pocket friendly as well. Samsung chat 335,322, Samsung soul U900, Nokia X2-01, Nokia C5 and many others can be considered as well.

Latest top mobile phones for ladies include: Oppo f3, Oppo f5 and Vivo V7.

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