5 Simple And Easy Steps For PC Maintenance

One of the most important reasons when consumers change their existing computer is might be due to the complete failure of the system. Because their system may run too slow or may be performing very poorly. These reasons are determined according to the latest Harris Interactive poll. Whenever you feel that your system is performing poorly in-fact you are using the computer for the same task and for the same time span as you were using at the time you purchased the PC.  Before heading for the replacement must pay attention to a free and simple procedure that may work.

Here is that simple process consists of five steps that one can done directly from their desktop and no additional tool is required. After performing it once then, set a plan to repeat this maintenance process after every 3 months in case your computer is being used like an average home computer. But if you are using your computer 24*7 then perform the task more frequently and vice versa.

Step 1:

First of all uninstall all those programs that you are not using, it’s like old keys kept in your drawer. These keys were useful for the time but now you forgot what they were for. Similarly, if you have some programs that you are not using they are useless uninstall them to get free space, so, it will allow the system to run all the other essential programs more effectively.

For this go to the “start button” select “control panel” choose “program and features” or select “install/uninstall programs” it depends on the version of your window. Then scan a list, you will see those programs that you are not using uninstall them by right clicking on them. In case you are not sure about the program leave them.

Step 2:

Every time when you use any online site, computer must store some of the information because when you browse that site again it will load quickly. In principle its good but at the same time some additional files are add up on the system which slows down your system. By deleting these temporary files in a year or longer you will be able to free almost 10% of the space on your computer.

For this go to “start button”, choose “My computer” or “computer” then on C derive click right, choose “properties” hit over “disk cleanup” then choose “all users” in case you see a popup window with this option. After this the disk cleanup itself calculates the space that you can get free. For checking the boxes on the window click on it. In case you do not agree with the recommendation of the disk cleanup simple unchecked the boxes. Do not click the okay button and proceed to the 3rd step.

Step 3:

You can also free more space by deleting all and most importantly the latest restore point, according to the standard function, windows take snapshot of your computer content regularly, it will keep the most recent one.

Hit on “clean up”. It will take just a small fraction of a second but when you will continue with “disk cleanup” keeps a patience because it will take an almost half hour or more if it’s been a long time after the last cleanup.

Step 4:

Data is stored and written on the disk block. With the passage of time old files will be deleted and adding up the new ones. In case files are not stored in the adjacent blocks it will get fragmented. The size of 5 megabytes may get dispersed to 5,000 disk blocks. So, instead of dragging the files to adjacent blogs, computer itself piles them up which may take longer time. But defragging is one of the simplest method of removing empty blocks and arranging files together. In the “properties” windows choose “tool” hit on “defragment now” so, this method will be performed automatically every week.

Step 5:

Now, your computer is neat and clean. Use security software for cleaning up the spyware, worms and viruses because they can damage the computers and also affect the privacy. This step must be performed faster because you already have cleaned up all the unnecessary  files and programs that will save you the scanning time.

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