Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell or Mobile Phone for Children

Nowadays, it is a common practice of every house that children want cell phone. It is the basic necessity of everyone’s life and it must have the thing that all teens, children and tweens urge for. Many of the companies aimed the campaigns by offering colorful packings having the features that target the children. For children having a cell phone has many advantages and some drawbacks as well. Being a parent you better know your kids the best, so after judging all the ins and out of a cell phone you can perfectly decide the appropriate time for your kids to own a mobile phone.

Advantages of Cell Phone for Children:


The mobile phone is important for every person in the time of emergency, as kids are innocent they may not handle the situation so, they can contact the police in an emergency situation, or call ambulance service and fire department. Cell phone works like a lifeline in an uncertain condition. Nowadays cells are outfitted with GPRS that enables you to track your kid’s phone and your children in case of any emergency.


Having a cell phone is a great blessing for parents and children as well. They will easily contact you without looking anywhere else. And even you can also contact them to ask where are they when will they get back to home. In case your kid gets late to come back home so, you can contact him immediately instead of worrying and crying. So, here it serves as a great tension reliever.


Taking care and use of cell phone also develop a sense of responsibility in your kids they will better understand their role and responsibilities of taking care of their essential items. Also set limits to your kids for the use of cell phone so, they will learn how they can use the phone within the boundaries.

Disadvantages of Cell Phone for Children:


Sometime children demand for high tech and expensive cell phones which may not be in the reach of all parents and that stress them. Some companies offer cost effective packages but some children make an excessive use of the cells which charge more money and they spend their all pocket money which is not right.

Disturbance in school:

Sometime children use cell phones in their class either to receive or send messages or even they play games during their lectures which diverts their attention from their lesson and as a result they become weak in studies. With the advancement in technology many students use cell phones for teaching purposes in their exams and test. Students exchange answer of the question through text messages and through camera they take pictures of important questions and they can use them during their exams.

Other dangers:

As most of the cell phones are with internet access so, children can access different websites. Some websites are not for children but with a cell phone they are independent to access any website which comes under the drawbacks of the cell phone for children.

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