Best iPhone Educational Apps for Students

iPad and iPhone popularity has transformed the education world. Textbooks and notebooks are still not being completely abolished but large numbers of students are using Smartphones and tablets for studying. In fact many professionals also use these devices, professional make use of these devices in delivering their lecture to the students and students use them to accomplish their tasks. So, they are the best sources for educating the masses and also educate themselves. App store of Apple offers innumerable educational applications for iPhone.

The best and good educational app for iPhone use the most appropriate iPhone facilities and features to give an interesting learning experience. The renovations in internet connectivity, HD screen, technology, 3D support all these features make the iPhone as the best educational device. So, it has also become the best source for developers to develop efficient educational apps. Following are the few educational educational apps for iPhone users.

Visual exploration:

This is the best app, it takes a tedious and difficult topic to make it easy and fun. You can choose one element, this app will create different objects from that element, students can rotate and can view its 3D view, there is also figures and facts along with the pictures.

Mental notes:

One of the important aspect of education is making notes. For memorizing and revision, succinct and interesting notes are proven to be useful. So, the mental notes app helps you to make fast notes, and also gives you a chance to add videos and images. It is useful for students either they are trying to make their notes in a more proper way or a teacher to educate their children in a fun ad lively way.


College and school students have to attend different classes and have to study different subjects. They have to manage various homeworks, test and assignments for these classes. What you have to do just enter the information and this app will send you alerts that reminds you about the due homework.

IStudies Pro:

This apps gives great benefits to students of high school, this apps caters their particular need, and offers the students to take care of their specific task. Like it saves the data backup, summarizes schedules and homeworks.

iTunes U:

It has outstanding educational content taken from some world’s best universities. Just install this app on your iPhone and get access to a wide range of different subjects. All those people who believes on self studies this is an ideal app for them.


Shakespeare amazed and entertained many generations and very few students don’t like him. Either you hate him or love him you have to study his plays at any point of your life. Through this app you can have a library of his plays in your phone. It gives translated and simpler version of many of his novels.


This app is good for those kids who wants to expand and improves their vocabulary. It is also good for those who like to learn languages and to know about new words. Every time its teaches new words that words can be used in your day to day activities.

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