Difference Between Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet

Tablet, Smartphone and Laptop are the most sought after gadgets available these days. In today’s modern era mobility is the slogan and that is why electronic devices or gadgets are becoming lighter and smaller. Laptops were introduced to offer a person the ability to carry his/her personal computer along anywhere they want. Technology is making remarkable advancement and mobile with internet connections and other similar questions are making people speechless. Laptop, Smartphone and tablets all are portable and supports internet connections. But, every single gadget has its own distinct qualities and features. In this article you will learn a clear difference between tablet, Smartphone and the laptop and their unique features. In this way you will be better able to make a wise decision of purchasing the most suitable device for yourself.


A Smartphone is a device that is invented with an aim to make and receive calls with some additional multimedia and computing abilities that make it closer to laptops. In comparison to simple mobile phones Smartphones can be considered as mini handheld computers. It is based on an independent OS to run and install complex and advance applications. In this way that is a step ahead of the mobile phones and can serve as a digital personal assistant. Some of the Smartphones are available with QWERTY keypad that resemble to the laptop. On the other hand, some of the Smartphones comprises of the virtual keyboard that a user can operate smoothly and easily with a highly capacitive and responsive touchscreen.

Above 50 million of the people in the United States is making use of the Smartphones that indicates the growing popularity of the Smartphones. These devices have very fast processor and significant display screen, great internal memory and advanced operating system that is highly user friendly and gives a very fascinating experience to Smartphone users. Two of the most dominant and promising OS in smartphone industry is Google’s android and Apple’s iOS. Android is basically, an open OS source used by almost all smartphone manufactures and iOS is used only for apple smartphones.


This is the latest and advanced innovation in gadgets market. It is a bit larger than a Smartphone but, having features that resemble a laptop. The major difference is unlike laptops tablets have a slate like look instead of the briefcase laptop design having separate keyboard and screen that are hinged together. Tablet PC makes the user available with enriched multimedia capabilities allowing users to enjoy video and audio files on a big screen normally around ten inches in size which is slightly smaller than a laptop.  The tablet comes with a virtual keyboard and is best for small typing tasks like sending mails, but for the tedious tasks laptops are the perfect choice.

All tablets from all brands support WI-Fi and are used to browse the web and play games. These days’ tablets are available with dual cameras that work marvelously for making video calls, videos while chatting and can capture HD videos. However, for complex operations and the multimedia tasking tablet is not an ideal option. The tablet is observed to give an enchanting experience if   the user makes use of it as an e-book reader.


Among the 3 mobile devices it is the highly powerful device when it is about browsing internet or computing. The only shortcoming associated with laptops is it didn’t support the 3G connectivity that makes the tablets and Smartphones unique. However, people who travel a lot and have to manage complex tasks while they are on the move then, laptop makes the wise choice. The laptop has a large internal memory and comes with faster processor. Actually, the laptop is a PC that can be taken along everywhere and assimilates countless capabilities of a personal computer. In a laptop, a mouse is replaced by a touchpad and it has built-in speakers that make it a complete package. Moreover, laptops can be run and operated with a battery and laptop battery works only for about 3-5 hours. It has a display of 14 inches or more and is capable to perform all the features and tasks that your computer can.


Laptop, tablet and Smartphone are the portable devices and have internet connections but carries distinct features. With the advancement in technology the minute lines of differences are getting blurred and the latest gadgets like tablet and Smartphone is much more powerful and are coming very close to the laptops. Though, tablet and Smartphones have 3G connectivity and it is absent in laptops but, laptop is far better when it is about serious browsing and computing. Similarly, to enjoy rich multimedia files or games then tablet makes marvelous choices. The tablet is the perfect choice of the e-book readers. The best thing that makes laptop apart is it can be upgraded while this feature lacks in tablet and Smartphone.

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