Social Media Customers and Benefits of Brand Communities for Marketing

How social media customers are different than the traditional customers?

Social media customers are more out-spoken, they communicate with peers and share their experiences, have much more information about the services and products. They want real-time customer support and a solution to their problems. They also want to be a part of the company rather the prey.  Social media can be a blessing or curse depending upon how businesses treat their customer. Social Customers have no loyalty when customer service is bad.

Benefits of Brand Communities:

Social media closed brand communities result in better services and increased loyalty and these communities work like sales and marketing people for the businesses. Brand communities are a cost effective mean to convey brand messages instantly and create business intelligence. These communities can also work real-time informal focus group and help in co-creating the product or services. Brand communities are as an effective way of creating positive word of mouth (WoM). Brand interaction with customers establish brand as a business which value customer interaction.

How to measure success?

It is important getting feedback from customers regarding effectiveness of the communication. Monitoring engagement, frequency, sentiment or tone used by the customers and increase or decrease in numbers can also tell the story. Using right measurement tools along with checking both short-term and long-term objectives.

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